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Elite 11: The final Elite 11

Malibu, Calif. – Following five grueling rigorous days of work on the campus of Pepperdine that included film study, playbook installation and countless drills and 7on7s, the prestigious Elite 11 came to a close.

Tanner Mangum was phenomenal at the Elite 11.

We take a look at the top performers of the week as selected by 247Sports.

1. Tanner Mangum – BYU commit

From the first day of competition to the last, Mangum was one of the best prospects in Malibu. It didn’t matter the drill, he was right at the top of the list. He showed a big-time arm, great decision-making and leadership and energy all week. There were two or three throws over the course of the week that looked like NFL-level balls and they all came from Mangum.

2. Jameis Winston – Uncommitted

For a kid that spends most of his offseason on the baseball diamond, Winston was extremely polished and sharp. He showed a big arm and mental toughness all week. Winston’s last drill of the week was a two-minute drill scoring drive which he orchestrated while playing on an injured hip. He injured his hip while laying out playing receiver for another one of his quarterbacks. That pretty much sums up his week.

3. Gunner Kiel – Uncommitted

When he was on, nobody was making the throws that Kiel was making. He had some of the best 7on7 series of the entire week and showed that there isn’t a throw on the field that he can’t make. Kiel is big, strong-armed and carries himself as if he expects to be the best player on the field every time he comes out. His five-star status is safe.

4. Zach Kline – California commit

Gunner Kiel didn't disappoint in Malibu.

Named the strongest arm by the camp counselors, Kline has a real ‘wow’ factor when it comes to his throws. If there is a tighht window in the middle of the field that the ball has to find its way through, Kline is who you want squeezing it in there. Give him the slightest opening and he can get a completion.

5. Zeke Pike – Auburn commit

It wasn’t always pretty but in the four 7on7 series orchestrated by Pike, he completed an amazing 18 passes out of 18 attempts. No prospect improved more from the first day of camp to the last. Pike showed that he is extremely coachable and by the end of the week he was one of the most confident and effect quarterbacks in Malibu. With college-level coaching, Pike has an extremely high ceiling.

6. Bart Houston – Wisconsin commit

Bart Houston isn’t flashy but every time he’s on the field, he’s completing passes. He just quietly goes about his business with plenty of arm, good ball placement and good enough feet to maneuver within the pocket. The Big 10 and Wisconsin is a great fit for the four-star and he gave plenty of indication this week that he’ll be a good one fore the Badgers.

7. Chad Kelly – Clemson commit

Chad Kelly is known as an athlete and as the nephew of NFL great Jim Kelly. Following this week’s camp, he needs to be known for his arm too. Kelly has always been terrific throwing outside of the pocket and he added great consistency and accuracy in the drop back game as well this week. A good release and a clear understanding of defenses, Kelly showed the complete package throughout the week.

8. Travis Wilson – Utah commit

Travis Wilson had the quickest release in camp.

We’re not sure that Travis Wilson doesn’t have more NFL potential than anyone else in Malibu. He’s got a frame that will be an NFL prototype as soon as he adds some weight to it. He’s got plenty of athleticism a big arm and he had the quickest release in camp. Similar to Houston, Wilson quietly goes about his business and in the end was one of the camp’s very best.

9. Tyler O’Connor – Michigan State commit

There weren’t many quarterbacks that played with the same kind of consistency as O’Connor in Malibu. Each throw and each drill seemed to be a rerun of the last and those were some good reruns. O’Connor was crisp, accurate and showed very good feet. Even if he didn’t have the some of the ‘wow’ factor of some of the quarterbacks at the top of the list, he seemingly never had a bad rep.

10. Chad Voytik – Uncommitted

Over the first two days, Voytik was the best quarterback in Malibu, showing great touch arm strength and accuracy. Though he wasn’t quite as effective in the 7on7 work he remained one of the week’s top performers. Constantly looking to prove that his 6-1 height is enough to be among the elite quarterbacks in the nation, Voytik made a strong statement with his play at the Elite 11.

11. Patrick Towles – Kentucky commit

During his week in Malibu, Towles displayed good size, a pretty deep ball and very good leadership skills. As a player that came into the event with much less fanfare than many of the other quarterbacks, Towles represented himself well. From ability standpoint, Towles has as much upside as almost anybody in the Elite 11.

The official Elite 11

Following Friday’s workout, the Elite 11 staff, led by head coach Trent Dilfer, selected the final official Elite 11. Their selection was based on a number of factors including some off the field variables such as film study, chalk talk and grasp of the playbook as well as their on the field performance.

The list had some familiar names at the top as well as some surprises.

As decided by the staff, there were three co-MVPs of the camp: Jameis Winston, Tanner Mangum and unheralded Neal Burcham out of Greenbrier, Ark. who has yet to land his first FBS offer.

The remainder of the list in order went as follows:

4.) Jeff Lindquist, 5.) Chad Voytik, 6.) Zach Kline, 7.) Shane Dillon, 8.) Chad Kelly, 9.) Zeke Pike, 10.) Bart Houston, 11.) Austin Appleby

The counselors’ take

The counselors at the Elite 11 camp aren’t your average camp counselors. They consisted of Oklahoma State’s Brandon Weeden, San Diego State’s Ryan Lindley, Michigan State’s Kirk Cousins, Boise State’s Kellen Moore and Florida State’s E.J. Manuel. That group got together and named their own top five performers from the week as well as a list of superlatives.

The counselor top five: 1.) Tanner Mangum, 2.) Jameis Winston, 3.) Neal Burcham, 4.) Gunner Kiel, 5.) Patton Robinette.

Best fit in any system: Conner Brewer

Quickest release: Travis Wilson

Best on the field leader: Chad Voytik

Strongest arm: Zach Kline

The accuracy award: Tanner Mangum

Best in the classroom (chalk talk): Austin Appleby

Most improved during the week: Zeke Pike

Most athletic: Cyler Miles

Most coachable: Grant Rohach

Best deep ball: Jameis Winston

Best attitude: Jeff Lindquist

Best feet: Jake Rodrigues

Best touch: Preston Dewey

The Doug Flutie award (undersized player who will excel in college): Nick Patti

Most poised/Best decision maker: Tyler O’Connor

National analyst Steve Wiltfong contributed to this report

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