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Gilmore & others join 2014 rankings

There is a lot of scouting and adjusting left before the end of the travel circuit, but there are some prospects like Leon Gilmore who couldn't wait to enter the 2014 rankings.

Brandone Francis has exceptional court vision.

The top highest ranked of the new prospects in the rankings, however, is Brandone Francis. A combo guard at 6-5, 200-pounds, Francis can do it all. He punishes opponents with his strength, gets by them with his quickness and change of pace moves and can score at all three levels. On top of all this, his greatest attribute might just be his passing ability. He has exceptional vision and has the strength and skill to make all the passes. As of now Francis is ranked in the lower portion of the five-star range.

Class of 2014 Rankings

6-11 Myles Turner has turned head on the circuit so far. The skilled center is presently ranked No. 39.

Gilmore, a 6-7 left-hander has a fairly complete game as a small forward, and slides into the rankings at No. 61.

The final new entry to the four-star ranks is point guard Tra Holder out of Los Angeles.

Lastly joining the three-stars in the rankings are shooting guards J.P. Macura and James Demery.

Still very much a work in progress, here is the latest version of the 247Sports 2013 rankings:

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