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Needed: College football commish

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — They’ve gone and done it now. Finally buckled or acquiesced or capitulated—or however you want to dress it up and sell it.

ACC commissioner John Swofford is one of several power players in the BCS administration.

College football’s BCS administrators are publicly using the P-word now. A playoff has arrived.

And you know what? The criticism won’t end, the calls for change won’t cease. The BCS will still be the big, bad boogeyman of college football.

“No matter what we do,” said Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson, “Someone won’t be happy.”

What better time, then, to do what has needed to be done for decades?

As the wildly successful sport slowly wades into uncharted and unthinkable waters with a four-team playoff, it can no longer be denied: College football needs a commissioner.

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