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Pryor a rare athlete

In the state of Texas, it’s a rarity for a sophomore football player to play and start on varsity on the 4A or 5A level. That fact alone makes class of 2015 safety Larry Pryor (Sulphur Springs, Texas) a potentially rare prospect. Throw in the fact that Pryor lettered in four sports as a freshman and the 6-foot-0, 195-pounder is a rare athlete.

Sophomore safety Larry Pryor is headed for more than 100 tackles in 2012.

Not only was Pryor named the 13-4A Newcomer of the Year in football in 2012, an honor he shared with Mount Pleasant 2014 national 100 wide receiver prospect KD Cannon, but he was also the 13-4A Newcomer of the Year as an outfielder in baseball, and lettered in basketball and in track & field.

“I did letter in all four sports as a freshman,” Pryor said. “I’m planning to play all four sports again this year,”

For now, the hard-hitting safety with ball skills and playmaking ability is busy helping lead Sulphur Springs back to the playoffs on the gridiron.

“We are 6-2 this season. We still have Marshall and Pine Tree to play to end the regular season," he said. "The season’s been going pretty good. I’ve been making a lot of tackles and plays on the ball. I have 92 tackles, one interception and one caused fumble that was returned for a touchdown by a teammate so far."

Like most second-year players on varsity, the game has slowed down for Pryor.

“Last year, I played slower. This year, I get what I’m being coached to do, and I’m getting faster seeing things happen on the field,” he said.

With another impressive season now on video, college programs from the state and region are taking notice.

“I’ve been told that TCU and Texas A&M are recruiting me. Those are the two that I know of,” he said.

Sulphur Springs sophomore Larry Pryor lettered in four varsity sports as a freshman.

With the help of Sulphur Springs head coach Greg Owens, the uber talented sophomore has scheduled a quartet of unofficial visits for the next few weeks.

“I’m going to Baylor for their game this weekend, then TCU for their game against Kansas State, then I go to Texas A&M and then the UT game against TCU,” he said.

Pryor, who watched TCU and Texas the most growing up, says football was not the sport he first fell in love with.

“I liked baseball the most growing up, and then I started playing football and loved it.” He said.


- Pryor’s year-round sports schedule keeps him from spending much time in the weight room. With that said, he still sports a 215-pound bench press and 450-pound squat as of this summer.

- Pryor played as a freshman at around 185-pounds. He is 195 as of today.

- Pryor totaled 53 tackles, three interceptions, three pass break ups and one fumble recovery as a freshman.

Pryor was 6-foot-0 and 185-pounds at the time of these photos in May.

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