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The eye-poppers

BEAVERTON, Oreg. – The SPARQ National Championship took place on Monday night, televised on ESPNU and was won by the fittingly monikered Speedy Noil. It was a deserving recipient of the championship considering Noil posted the most eye-popping number of the event: a 45.3-inch vertical.

Lorenzo Carter had one of the day's best all-around testing performances.

But there were a number of shocking numbers produced in what was the most athletic SPARQ combine in the history of The Opening. Below we take a look at some of the most startling numbers of the day.


Ian Bunting
At 6-foot-6, Bunting measured in as the tallest prospect in attendance at The Opening. He also weighed in at 223 pounds and has added some strength to his frame, starting to look like a college tight end.

Dalton Schultz
At 6-foot-5.5, you don’t realize how big Schultz is until you’re standing next to him. The rest of his game is similar, you don’t realize how good he is until he’s running past you either.

Kyle Trout
At 6-foot-5.5, 297 pounds, Trout stood out instantly as one of the most impressive offensive linemen from a physical standpoint.

David Cornwell
All of 6-foot-5, 241 pounds, Cornwell is an imposing presence behind center, can scan the field with ease due to his frame and has an arm that mathes it.

Cameron Robinson
He measured in at 6-foot-5, 330-pounds, but Robinson somehow even looked bigger. The kid just has a massive presence.

Kenyon Frison
A lean 281 pounds at 6-foot-5, Frison is probably the most athletic looking offensive lineman based on frame.

Allen Lazard
There are several big receivers in Oregon but none has the frame of Lazard who stands at 6-foot-4.5 and 207 pounds.

Jalen Tabor
Everyone is looking for that big cornerback and at 6-foot-1, 181 pounds, Tabor is it.

Leonard Fournette
At 6-foot-1, 226 pounds, Fournette still manages to play compact when necessary.

40-yard dash

Tony Brown
A track star, Brown surprised no one when he busted out a 4.35 40 to set the bar for the event.

George Campbell
Fast is fast and it doesn’t matter the setting, 2015 WR George Campbell always runs well and his 4.36 was just a hair away from the best time of the day. His size/speed combination is unreal but he has to continue to hone his ball skills.

Curtis Samuel
Considered by many to be an Ohio State lean, Samuel showed off 4.36 speed that could allow him to be a dangerous slot receiver for the Buckeyes.

Speedy Noil
A high school quarterback, Noil absolutely has game speed but with a 4.40 time on Monday, he proved he’s got it on the clock too.

Nick Chubb
A 4.47 40 time would be impressive regardless of the prospect but when it comes from Chubb’s 5-foot-11, 217-pound frame, it becomes that much more startling.

Elijah Hood
Similar to Chubb, Hood posted a blazing 4.48 40 within a 6-0, 221-pound cinder block frame.

Lorenzo Carter
The definition of Freak, Carter is 6-foot-5, 234 pounds and ran a 4.63 on Monday morning. He topped that Monday night with a 4.54 on national television. That translates to scary pressure off the edge by Carter.

Andrew Williams
One of the most athletic big men in attendance, Williams put together a 4.70 40 despite a 251-pound 6-4 frame.

Kentavius Street
Another big athlete, Street had a respectable 4.70 time but is all of 263 pounds.

Short Shuttle

Braxton Berrios
A quick, CB-spinning route-runner, Berrios displayed what makes him so tough to cover with a 3.81 short shuttle time.

Tony Brown
Brown has straight line speed but can also change of direction, something that shows up when he accelerates out of a backpedal. He clocked a 3.83 shuttle.

T.V. Williams
Only 148 pounds, Williams is a jitterbug out of the slot and he had a 3.83 shuttle that showed up in one-on-ones as well in his route-running.

Speedy Noil
Noil added to his impressive afternoon with a 3.94 shuttle, showing off that change-of-direction that has made him a dynamic quarterback in high school.

Will Grier
Known as a drop-back passer, Grier demonstrated some unique athleticism with a 3.96 short shuttle.

Joey Alfieri
One of the top all-around days, Alfieri ran a 4.06 shuttle at 6-2, 230 pounds. That translates into great A-to-B quickness to the football.

Shaun Dion Hamilton
One of the pleasant surprises of the day in the testing, Hamilton proved he is more than just a thumper and a 4.06 shuttle was one of several solid testing results.

K.J. Carta- Samuels
A thick, physical quarterback with a big-time arm, Carta-Samuels can move as well as any other passers as well and showed it off with a 4.09 shuttle.

Raekwon McMillan
One of the bigger more physically imposing linebackers, McMillon still had very strong testing results including a 4.15 shuttle.

Solomon Thomas
Thomas was probably the best athlete in attendance in the 260-plus range and his 4.26 shuttle was among the best times regardless of weight class.

Vertical Leap

Speedy Noil
Hands down the top testing result of the day, Noil caused a scene with his other-worldish 45.3-inch vertical leap.

Malachi Dupre
Already with a long frame and good straight-line speed, Dupre’s 42-inch vertical makes him a jump-ball mismatch for any defender.

Terry McLaurin
One of the top all-around athletes in attendance, McLaurin posted a 42.1-inch vertical.

Nick Chubb
You want explosiveness in the hole? Chubb has 40.8-inches worth even despite carrying 217 pounds.

Curtis Samuel
Samuel’s explosiveness has become apparent in football drills but his 40.1-inch vertical put a number on it.

Parris Campbell
At 6-0, 184-pounds Campbell has good length as a versatile athlete and he’s got some spring in his legs as well with a 40.1-inch vertical.

Braxton Berrios
The seventh attendee at The Opening to break the 40-inch barrier, Berrios just snuck in at 40 inches.

Dillon Bates
Bates pieced together an outstanding all-around performance and his 39.8-inch vertical was probably his top number, more impressive due to his 6-3, 211 frame.

Edward Paris
A big defensive back that can play cornerback or safety, Paris – at 6-0 200-pounds – notched a 39.7-inch vertical.

Lorenzo Carter
While his 39.7 inch vertical, teamed with a 6-5 frame would win him a lot of dunk contests, Carter’s explosiveness also translates to great burst off the edge as a pass rusher.

Rashaan Evans
Evans is 6-foot-3, 217 pounds and all athlete. His 38.4-inch vertical was impressive, as was his 4.51 40.

Powerball Toss

Damien Mama
The strongest punch in the camp got a number attached to it and that number was 48. Mama’s 48-foot toss was easily the best at The Opening.

Dante Booker
Booker was one of the most athletic linebackers to test on Monday but also showed off some impressive strength. His 45.5 foot powerball toss was good for second best.

Solomon Thomas
Thomas blasted a 44-foot toss to top off a day that saw him piece together outstanding athletic numbers.

Da’Shawn Hand
Hand is an athletic edge rusher but probably differentiates himself with his strength and a 43 foot toss backed up that skillset.

Nick Chubb
Chubb has a powerful, compact frame and punched out a 43-foot toss.

Luke Rubenzer
One of the smallest quarterbacks in attendance, Rubenzer – all 5-11.5, 187-pounds of him – threw one of the days best powerball tosses with a 43-foot throw.

Andrew Williams
Williams is very athletic in a 254-pound frame and had a 43-foot toss on Monday morning.

Chad Thomas
Known for his ability to get to the quarterback and rush the passer, Thomas showed of some strength with a 43-foot throw.

Elijah Hood
Similar to Chubb, Hood utilized a compact, powerful frame to generate a 42.5-foot throw.

K.J. Carta-Samuels
Carta-Samuels is one of the more barrel-chested quarterbacks you’ll find and he lived up to his frame with a 42.5-foot throw,

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