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Dilfer breaks down Elite 11 QBs

BEAVERTON, Ore.- Elite 11 Quarterback Camp head coach and Super Bowl-winning quarterback Trent Dilfer talked about several of the participants and their performance so far. Here is what Dilfer had to say...

Texas A&M quarterback commit and U.S. Army All-American Bowl selection Kyle Allen has been "incredibily consistent" during the first two days of Elite 11 finals.

Kyle Allen, Scottsdale (Ariz.) Desert Mountain (Texas A&M commit)

"Through the two days Kyle has been incredibly consistent."

Drew Barker, Hebron (Ky.) Conner (committed to Kentucky)

"I love Drew.  Drew has been great.  We played a great prank on him with his dad when we invited him to the Elite 11.  He freaked out, it was so much fun.  He's a great kid and so powerful.  He's really become quicker.  He's come so far from the first time I saw him.   Now he's getting a chance to prove it.  He was a cruiser, now he's bouncing around, he sees it."

David Blough, Carrollton (Texas) Creekview (committed to Purdue)

"If there was an MVP on the day, there would be an argument to be made for David Blough. Blough was about as sequenced and consistence as you'll find."

Stephen Collier, Leesburg (Ga.) Lee County (committed to Ohio State)

"I think he does a great job of playing in the moment.  He's done a great job of whether it's a touchdown pass or a stinker, to let it go and I think that's why he doesn't compound mistakes.

"For whatever reason Stephen didn't have a great day (Friday).  But if you saw him in the last ten minutes of (Saturday’s) session, he was throwing dimes one after another.  We gave him the tools and he ran with it."

David Cornwell, Norman (Okla.) North (committed to Alabama)

"His best is as good as anyone.  He knows what gets him in trouble because he has so many moving parts.  It's hard for him to organize it all.  He makes some serious splash plays, that won't be an issue.  He just need to make the consistent plays.

“I don't think he's trying to be undisciplined, it's just harder for him at his size.  He's huge.    When he's organized, boy is he good. I wouldn't say it's his footwork, it's his knees, he plays high sometimes.  The great players play level.  There is very little up and down.  Watch Kyle Allen, he plays level.  Deshaun Watson plays level, when you pop you unload your power.  You have to go back down and load again.  Any wasted movement brings inconsistencies.  And he knows it and he works hard at it.  When he does it right it's scary how good he can be."

Will Grier, Davidson (N.C.) Davidson Day (committed to Florida)

"He killed yoga.  He destroyed yoga this morning.  I mean he honestly got this look in his eyes, he found this place about two minutes in and dominated.  And the lady that put him through it was athletic.  This wasn't the meditating yoga. This was moving around, it was challenging, the guys were dripping sweat.

"I watched him practice and run.  That's just who he is, he's going to challenge you.  We'll see how he separates as we move forward."

On his throwing motion...

"I would say he's not sequenced.  It may look like his arm angle is low, but it's not.  When your body is not moving in sequence, it's going to look like a low arm angle.  There are moments when he's more compact and he looks very sequenced and the arm looks higher.  That's all it is.  It'll add to inconsistencies when he's not sequenced."

Jerrod Heard, Denton (Texas) Guyer (committed to Texas)

"He was the one guy that I was concerned about.  Not as a player.  As a player he was one of the highest evaluations that I did.  I didn't know how he'd handle this environment.  He just doesn't play in a traditional passing type offense.  He was unbelievable."

Morgan Mahalak, Greenbrae (Calif.) Marin Catholic (Oregon commit)

"Before the day he volunteered to get up on the (video) board and he absolutely killed it.  He was seeing it and hearing it before any other kid in the room."

How do you factor in his dual threat ability to the competition?

"We challenge them in the environment.  But this isn't going to show it all.  This shows passing proficiency.  This competition will highlight their athletic ability, but this is a passing competition."

"What I saw today, I have no doubts about Mahalak."

Jacob Park, Goose Creek (S.C.) Stratford (committed to Georgia)

"He is immensely talented, really bright.  Once it's explained to him, he sees it.  He takes in information really well.  He's so talented that he gets away with some stuff.  I tell him that he can get away with it 6 out of 10 times, but does he want to get it 10 out of 10 times?  He needs to not rely on his athleticism so much.  He's got all the tools.  If he gets the lonely stuff, the things you do alone, he'll be a winner."

Deshaun Watson, Gainesville (Ga.) (committed to Clemson)

"Deshaun was incredible today."

Sean White, Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) University School

"Sean White had a great day. White made three throws on a sluggo that was as good as I've seen in my years.  He threw it better than I ever threw it in all my years.  He has a unique feel for certain throws."

Manny Wilkins, Novato (Calif.) San Marin (committed to Arizona State)

"Manny is very good with relationships.  As soon as he got invited he had us all in on a group text.  He had one with the coaches and one with the players.  He got us all involved.  He's been great."

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