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Turley on Michigan's OL Class

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This is the first part of our series with All Pro offensive lineman Kyle Turley where he breaks down the top offensive line prospects. After a review of video footage available, Turley gives his insight into the type of player they are and can be. For this first piece, we thought it would be interesting to find out what he thought about Brady Hoke's 2013 offensive line haul (Note: because of time David Dawson will be done at a later date).

Logan Tuley-Tillman

What I like about him: Tuley-Tillman has a big nasty streak, great size and always finishes. Coaches want to see a guy make his block, drive, and finish, and Tuley-Tillman does this. He also does a good job of maintaining his hands on guys and keeping them in front of him.

In these highlights, he has great leverage and point of contact. Not that he cannot improve in this area, as every lineman can and should, but he excels at it.

In pass blocking, I really like his kick. He uses this great kick perfectly to allow him to get into position to take on any defender.

What he could work on: Arm extension, minor footwork and occasional leverage issues. He should continue to work on leverage and his feet. Sometimes his feet come together as he's driving.

My main concern is arm extension. He can get away with it at High School, but you don't want to let guys get into you on the next level. He wants to make sure he gets his hands out first to keep guys off of him.

Closing: Really love his nastiness and his desire to finish plays. He has all the building blocks and a great opportunity to be something special at the next level.

Chris Fox

Note: Video highlights were mostly of Fox at defensive line, the position Turley played before moving to tackle at San Diego State

What I like about him: His size, aggression and finish. His experience on the defensive line will help him hold the line of scrimmage and push it forward. He has the intangibles, he has the finish, the drive and he's always around the football.

His defensive line experience will help him with his arms and leverage points. He has good extension defensively that will help him on the offensive line at the next level.

I love how he finishes through the ball. It's his main strength and something that you cannot teach. You either have it, or you don't.

What he could work on: Foot speed and leverage. His pads get a little high. Every linemen should always be working on his footwork and foot speed. He has great speed for his size, but at the next level he will need to continue to work on this. It was tough to tell in the highlights, but he may need to work on staying square. As a defensive lineman you have a lot of freedom, whereas on the offensive line your freedom is taken away and you need to play more in a box.

Closing: Based on the highlights I saw, he has great finish. Another talented guy who has a ton of potential.

Kyle Bosch

What I like about him: I see a lot of positives with this kid. He shows the ability to be able to get to that next level really quick. His explosive nature really stands out on film. His strength, size and punch off the line gives him a chance to have an instant impact. Like the others, he is a finisher. He naturally finishes his block, has great drive and gets to the next level.

What he could work on: Still needs to work on leverage, bring his pads down a little more and he'll become even more impressive. As with any offensive lineman, he can still work on improving his footwork.

Closing: With his intangibles, feet and size I feel Bosch has a chance to have an instant impact on the field. In my opinion, he has less to work on than the other guys.

I really like what Brady Hoke has done. He has guys who finish. You can't teach that.

Patrick Kugler

What I like about him: He has that tenacity Brady Hoke is looking for, and like the others he has a great finish. He also has a great nose for being around the football and never stops on a play. Like Bosch, he is very good at getting to the next level.

What he could work on: He should really focus on leverage and footwork as he progresses on the offensive line. Sometimes his feet come together and at the next level he won't get away with it. I also noticed in a few highlights he jump-skipped to get around a block because he could get away with it at that level. He'll need to learn to open up his feet and pull around to keep a good shoulder-width base about him. His leverage will improve if he works on getting his pad lowers with a little more knee bend. If he can work on that, wow, watch out.

Another minor thing to work on would be the extension of his arms.

Closing: He's very athletic. This guy has a great opportunity at multiple positions. If he gets into the playbook more, he may be a great center much like Mark Stepnoski who played in the Super Bowl and many Pro Bowls with the Cowboys and others. He has that same fiery nature and being in those trenches seems to be his forte. He has a wide range of skills and good size. He could also be a guard, tackle or even a defensive linemen.

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