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We aren't just committed to college football; we're early enrolling in it.

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We aren't just committed to college football; we're early enrolling in it.

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Alabama oversigning article...

  • What is the point of articles such as these, exactly? To point out the fact that we are not cheating? To show everyone that the best program in the country is winning big while playing within the rules? I just don't get it, I guess. Until they change the rules so coaches like Saban cannot go over the 85 limit on NSD, this is a moot point. People can debate whether or not greyshirting and medical hardships are moral but they cannot debate the fact that they are allowed under the rules. I guess the point of the article is to drum up enough criticism for the NCAA to act and change the rules. More power to ya. Saban will then just figure out a way to tip toe the NEW line and use every remaining loophole to his advantage. It's what he does and it's why he's the best.

    I'm fine with greyshirting and medical hardships. CFB is a big business, not a charity, and it's not like these kids are having schollys pulled. They're simply being asked to delay enrollment (always for players who wouldn't see the field the following season anyways) or continue being on scholarship but giving up football (again, wouldn't play anyways). I'd venture a guess that 99% of you would be fine with your coach doing the same thing if it meant your team would enjoy the success Alabama has the past 5 years. The problem is, there are a lot of other schools on that list that have been oversigning and their teams blow. Washington, Virginia, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Minnesota, Iowa State. Oversigning doesn't necessarily equal success. It does if your coach is also a phenomenal recruiter, great developer of talent, and relentless @$$hole like Saban.

    So, in summation, double middle freedom rockets and a big GFY to the rest of the CFB world. And Roll Tide.