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Another Mass Shooting in Pennsylvania

  • Agree with this.

    High cap magazines create a greater propensity for jams; I'd much rather have two 15 round mags than one thirty round mag.

    The whole argument for the assault weapons ban is an illogical argument for feel good window dressing by those inclined to use the force of government to impose their groupthink on others. It's really kind of a joke if individual liberties weren't at stake.

    As has been stated by others at the forefront of this debate, the best deterrent to bad guys with guns carrying out malevolent intentions is good guys with guns.

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  • YES, YES and 110% YES

    I think the media is partly to blame and guns are Zero to blame.

    Media - some of the people that do these things even have scriblings like "what do you think of me now...", "they will remember me now...". Unless the killer is at large, there is no reason to even release his name or face. What does that accomplish other than subject those who knew him to constant scrutiny and ridicule (the only scrutiny they need is from the cops to determine if they aided in any way).

    Guns - Do we blame the car when someone has an accident due to speeding, wreckless driving or alcohol??? No, we blame the individual not the tool. Did we blame fertilizer and diesel fuel for the OK City bombing??? No, we blamed the McVeigh. Why some choose to blame the tool in the case of guns and not do the same for others is illogical and beyond me. Well not really beyond me, they do it because they have no concept of the 2nd ammendment and grew up in an environment that was devoid of responsible gun owners.

    Who is to blame for these mass shootings???

    1. The person doing it, the person doing it !!!
    2. Those that enabled or covered up for #1. This can range from a full-blown partner in the action to a loved one who refuses to commit/seek help for a mentally disturbed friend/family member (spectrum, not saying they are equal).
    ... big gap
    3. Politiicians for creating gun free zones. The gun free zone has zero impact on those who have no intention of following the law other than it gives those looking for a high body count (for whatever reason) and great target.
    4. Media for plastering the perps picture and name all over the TV and internet. Again, it serves no purpose unless the individual is still at large.
    5. Gov't, parents,... for creating a society where personal responsibility is becoming a more and more foreign concept. All of your choices have consequences and you should be held accountable (this one is actually a huge problem).

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