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B10 Roundtable: 2013 Post-Spring Edition

  • Bucknuts


    For Ohio State.
    Of course this is just my opinion, going on record. RIGHT THIS SHIT DOWN!

    1. My major concern for the Buckeyes…..1. Compliancy and game conditioning. Really hope Cal and San Diego St aren’t pushing our guys in the 4th, but also hope the game isn’t in hand going into the 3rd quarter. Buckeyes been getting a lot of love for doing nothing, need to stay hungry for a real trophy.

    2. What concerns were lessened in the spring….Feel really good about our qb depth, feel really good about our rb depth.

    3. My biggest concern going into the fall is putting pressure on opposing qbs. Loved Simon and Hankins but overall I thought our pass rush has been pretty disappointing. Hoping Spence, Washington, and a more frequent blitzing Shazier can cause some chaos for opposing qbs.

    4. What newcomers stood out in the spring….Looks like RS Freshman Josh Perry is going to see a decent amount of time at linebacker.

    5. Injuries…One of our back up lineman got hurt, I think that is it.

    6. I feel the same about this team after spring

    7. Ohio State’s record game by game…..Buffalo-W, SDST-W, @Cal-W, Florida A&M-W, Wisconsin-W, @Northwestern-L, Iowa-W, Penn State-W, @Purdue-W, @Illinois-W, Indiana-W, Michigan…I don’t feel good about this game, and I’ll leave it at that. I’m sure you can figure out what that means.

    Our quarterback does front flips, suck it.

  • SpartanTailgate


    What tweaks has Meyer made to the 4-3 compared to what Tressel ran?

    Michigan State does not and will not run the 3-4 defense.

  • Bucknuts


    Haven't really notcied anything too different, Fick is still running the D for the most part. We might see some changes if the D doesn't come out to hot to start the season. I'd like to see some more blitzing though, but that's just me.

    Our quarterback does front flips, suck it.

  • Nice to get this back up again.

    1. Major concerns.
    Interior oline, Michigan is losing all of it's interior starters from last year, Barnum, Mealer and Omameh.
    RBs, The calavry could be coming in the fall, (Fitgerald Toussaint, Derrick Green, DeVeon Smith) but if those guys aren't ready or healthy then Michigan fans were hoping that one of guys this spring to break out, Thomas Rawls (Jr 5'10" 217lbs with 321 yards, 4.6 ypc and 4 TDs), Justice Hayes (RS soph 5'10" 190lbs with 83 yard, 4.6 ypc and 1 TD), Drake Johnson (RS Fr 6' 212lbs), and Dennis Norfleet (Soph 5'7" 168lbs, 13 yards on 2 carries). All numbers are career totals.
    WR after Gallon, Michigan lost Roundtree and his 31 catches from last year. With the change the offense, a bigger possesion receiver is what Hoke and company are looking for.
    S, Kovacs is gone and is going to be missed.

    2. Any concerns lessened?
    The oline looks to have shaken out to LG Ben Braden (RS Fr, 6'6" 314lbs), C Jack Miller (RS Soph, 6'4" 291lbs), RG Kyle Kalis (RS Fr, 6'5" 297lbs). The sixth olinemen last year, Joey Burzynski (RS Jr, 6'1" 291 lbs) is still there and is getting pushed by some of the younger guys. I expect to have a drive stopped because of missed assignments with the youth, but I also expect an upgrade in the raw talent level over last year.
    I feel that the WRs will be fine going into the fall. Darboh (Soph, 6'2" 213lbs) started the spring game and opened it with a nice 30 yard sideline grab. Jehuu Chesson (RS Fr, 6'3" 193lbs) was receiving rave reviews for his speed and hands. The older guys that will contribute but probably aren't as physically gifted as the young guys are, Jeremy Jackson (Sr, 6'3" 203lbs) and Jeremy Reynolds (RS Sr, 6'1" 200lbs). Also in the mix and is likely to play mainly in the slot is Drew Dileo (SR, 5'10" 177lbs), he and Gallon are last of the RichRod slot ninjas.
    S is still a battle, but I like the options for Michigan. It is looking lile Jarrod Wilson (Soph 6'2" 196lbs) is the likely starter in the spring. He is a rangy Safety that is an upgrade in coverage but a drop in run support. He will likely slide over to Thomas Gordon (RS Sr 5'11" 208lbs 3 year starter) spot and Gordon will take over where Kovacs played. Other options include Marvin Robinson (Sr 6'2" 202lbs) and Josh Furman (RS Jr 6'2" 197lbs).

    3. What concerns remain heading into the fall.
    No RB broke out. Rawls had a nice bounce out TD run and trucked some of the smaller DBs. Norfleet has elite change of direction but is too small to be an everydown back. Michigan will need the guys coming in the fall to produce it looks like.
    QB depth became an issue when the #2 QB went down with an ACL injury. That will leave either walk ons or true freshman Shane Morris as the #2.

    4. What newcomer stood out?
    There is a range of guys that stood out, and I am not sure what everyone else in the B1G knows about Michigan. I will list the guys that looked good to me.
    QB Devin Gardner (RS Jr 6'4" 210lbs), was the #2 dual threat QB coming out of HS, backed up Robinson his first 2 years, moved to WR to get on the field last year and came in and started the last 5 games of the year once Robinson went down. He looked good once again in the spring game and from all reports I heard. Really looking forward to his play this fall.
    TE Devin Funchess (Soph 6'5" 228lbs), he is a matchup nighmare for defenses in the passing game. Still working on his blocking to be an everydown TE.
    RT Michael Schofield (RS Sr 6'7" 303lbs), Lewan gets all the love but Schofield is a damn good Tackle in his own right. He has a future in the NFL.
    WDE Frank Clark (Jr, 6'2" 277lbs), both Lewan and Schofield stated that he gave them a run for their money everyday. He should lead the team in sacks this season.
    WLB Jame Ross (Soph, 6'1" 222lbs), he is going to be a good one. Great instincts and is always around the ball.

    5. Injuries
    QB Russell Bellomy with an ACL. I haven't heard a timetable but I am not expecting him back this fall. There are rumblings that he may see the writing on the wall with Morris and Spreight coming in.
    SLB Jake Ryan with an ACL. This one hurts. He was Michigan's best defensive player last year. It is early, but they say that he could be back in October. His backup (Cam Gordon (RS Sr 6'3" 233lbs) was the starter 2 years ago and lost the job to Ryan when he was injured. I liked what I saw of Gordon last fall and this spring.

    6. How do I feel about the team?
    This team is the youngest team in the B1G but it may also be one of the most talented. I love how the schedule sets up and I feel good about the direction the team is headed.

    7. Schedule
    Michigan hasn't lost at home with Hoke as the coach, but the 3 most talented teams Michigan plays will be at home, ND, Nebraska, and tOSU. Tough road games include PSU, MSU and NW.
    CMU - W
    ND - L
    Akron - W
    @UConn - W
    Minnesota - W
    @PSU - W
    Indiana - W
    @MSU - W
    Nebraska - W
    @ NW - L
    @Iowa - W
    tOSU - W

    I think Michigan can win every game on the schedule, but that is tough to do and the team is young. I would rank the schedule from hardest to easiest like this,

    tOSU through PSU are toss-ups, Iowa to CMU are should wins for Michigan.

  • HuskersIllustrated


    Some good stuff in here thanks guys. Should be a fun season.

  • Feels good to be a part of the network. Info on Purdue:

    1) Having a quarterback in place to lead the team, linebacker depth is questionable and there is a need to replace defensive tackle Kawann Short and cornerback Josh Johnson.

    2) Quarterback will be a work in progress, as will linebacker depth. There are a number of guys ready at defensive tackle to replace Short. Bruce Gaston, Brandon Taylor, Ryan Isaac and Eric McDaniel are all seniors there. Ryan Watson and Michael Rouse III are talented sophomores that will see the field at defensive tackle as well. Josh Johnson’s cornerback spot will likely be filled by Frankie Williams. He is on the shorter side (5-9) but had 45 tackles, 2 interceptions and 9 pass breakups as a redshirt freshman.

    3) The linebacker corps has experience, but it not a group that pops out at you with playmakers. Sean Robinson is a converted quarterback with great athleticism at 6-3/240. Joe Gilliam is the lunch pail, blue-collar guy in the middle. Will Lucas has twenty starts under his belt but did see his starting role go to Robinson last year. Due to departures, those are the starting three. Depth is suspect.

    At receiver there are questions about a vertical threat. Raheem Mostert has speed to be that guy but is best utilized in a shorter passing game, allowing him to use his athleticism. Charles Torwudzo (6-4), Dolapo Macarthy (6-5) and Shane Mikesky (6-4) provide bigger targets, but none have a consistent season to their credit.

    4) Quarterback Danny Etling is competing for the starting job. He is a former Elite 11 participant who is growing as a player each and every day. He’s sitting number two right now behind senior Rob Henry. Redshirt freshman Austin Appleby was erratic (6-18 in the spring game) when I saw him. He has the tools (6-5/235) and was also an Elite 11 guy, but he has yet to put it together. True freshman David Yancey sat out the spring game, but he will see some time at running back this fall. He’ll be a factor in the passing game out of the backfield and on kick returns.

    5) A number of injuries but none are expected to impact the season.

    6) Neither less nor more optimistic about Purdue’s 2013 team after the spring. First year of the new staff and there aren’t high expectations for this year of transition. Really will not know about this squad until the season opener at Cincinnati.

    7) Team Schedule
    @ Cincinnati (Toss-Up, siding towards win)
    Indiana State (Win)
    Notre Dame (Loss, night game and big opportunity for Coach Hazell)
    @ Wisconsin (Loss)
    Northern Illinois (Win)
    Nebraska (Loss)
    @ Michigan State (Loss)
    Ohio State (Loss, though Purdue has won 3 of the last 4 in West Lafayette)
    Iowa (Win)
    @ Penn State (Loss)
    Illinois (Win)
    @ Indiana (Win hammer)

    I think a bowl appearance with this schedule would be a great start for the coaching staff. The road game at Cincinnati to start the year will be an indicator of where the season goes. Purdue is capable of knocking off Nebraska or Ohio State in Ross-Ade Stadium but may just as likely to lose to Northern Illinois or the Illini at home. It’s a bonus to not see Michigan or Northwestern on the schedule.

  • On your ranking of games from toughest to easiest, I would bump @MSU up one (ahead of Nebraska). Nebraska will have the better offense, but MSU will have the much better defense which means the score probably will remain close even if we win. MSU also is a road game and Sparty always gets up for us.

  • Running a lot more Nickel and now Dime packages. Having a Hybrid Safety/Linebacker on the field a lot (Star). They are running a 3-2-6 and 4-1-6 a lot more in practice. More aggressive in terms of blitz packages too. You start to see that towards the end of last year.

    "Playing here is the closest thing to heaven on earth..." - Brian Rolle

  • What he said.

    Except 7. Just don't see a loss at Northwestern. FYI there will be more OSU fans there than Northwestern fans. Chicago might be the second biggest alumni base outside of Columbus. I think Wisconsin and San Diego St. will be tougher than NW. Michigan though, I echo exactly what you say.

    "Playing here is the closest thing to heaven on earth..." - Brian Rolle

  • Bucknuts


    We barely blitz.

    Our quarterback does front flips, suck it.

  • Bucknuts


    I worry a lot about a road night game vs a good team.

    Our quarterback does front flips, suck it.

  • This is when it began. Not my words. Urban's words. And as always what Urban says goes.

    Urban Meyer Press Conference Transcript - Ohi

    A couple comments about the Penn State game. I very much appreciate that atmosphere at that Penn State. That was as good as I've been fortunate to be in some really great environments, classy environments where student support is tremendous, and I just think that that needs to be recognized.

    "Playing here is the closest thing to heaven on earth..." - Brian Rolle

  • Bucknuts


    Yeah, I mean I get what you're saying....but I stand by what I said.

    Our quarterback does front flips, suck it.

  • I disagree. NW is better than many people think. And I believe you play them early in the season. Your front seven is young and NW's offense is going to give them all they can handle. They run a spread but also have a lot of option plays to the outside. And they have a decent short passing game too. I think NW is going to be tougher than you think, especially since you don't have the benefit of playing them at home.

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  • Fitzgerald has put together a nice team. If they could close games last year they would have played for the B1G and with a win there, playing ND for the NC. They are who they are though and didn't close, but don't sleep on them.

  • SpartanTailgate


    I feel that the schedule is going to play a major role in the Legends division. Michigan and Northwestern have to play tOSU, while MSU and Nebraska do not.

    Furthermore, Northwestern has to face Wisconsin as well in Madison the week after tOSU, and those 2 games are Northwestern's first 2 Big 10 contests. After the trip to Madison, it's home vs. Minny and then @Iowa and @Nebraska, a bye, then hosting UM and MSU in back to back weeks. That's the most brutal schedule out of any Legends squad.

    I could see Northwestern having one of those better teams/worse record type years. They also recovered 16 fumbles last year, 5th best nationally, and fumble recoveries on that scale usually don't happen from year to year (+14 in total TOs last year). They also missed minimal OL starts, with only 6 total OL seeing starts, and having the same starting 5 start the last 11 games of the year. Already in the spring they had 3 OL starters out.

    Then again . . . if you look at the games between Northwestern, MSU, UM and Nebraska last year, there wasn't a ton of difference between the teams on the field. Sure, Nebraska went 3-0 vs. the other 3 and MSU went 0-3, but I think only the Nebraska - UM game was decided by more than a TD, and that had the asterisk next to it of Denard going down mid-game.

    I think this is going to be a pretty hotly contested division race; I can see each of those 4 teams going 4-4 . . . or 7-1 and a couple even 8-0. I don't really see anyone who's heads and tails above the rest of the competition in the division.

    Clearly tOSU is the team to beat in the Leaders. Most have Wisky cited as the #2 team, but from what I've observed, the first year transitioning to a 3-4 usually results in some mediocre defensive performances. Look at UGA and ND in their first years in the 3-4, for example. It wouldn't shock me if IU ended as the #2 Leaders team.

    From what I've gathered in this thread, PSU's depth could begin to be an issue as early as this year, though they should stay competitive as long as they stay healthy.

    Michigan State does not and will not run the 3-4 defense.

  • Texas kid with Texas offers is something that is unheard of for the B1G, much less Northwestern. Means Texas is really suffering with Mack or Fitz is about to take NW up a level. Probably both.

    Is UW the only team in the B1G that is running the 3-4? I read somewhere Nebby might...

  • fitzgerald has definitely put together the start of a great class, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. too tough to sell NW compared to michigan. michigan has the tradition, the defensive coaching staff, the hype, the brand, and the academics. a NW degree is fantastic, but much tougher to sell the program in general. i really like the job fitzgerald has done there, but the likelihood of him beating hoke in head to head recruiting battles regularly is very low.

    the only NW commit with a michigan offer was doles, and things seemed to cool on both sides in his recruitment to michigan. come NSD 2014, there will be more michigan signees with NW offers than the other way around.

  • Our defense is going o be better against the spread with a younger, but faster DL. And the secondary should be improved. They won't able to match the OSU offense in points, we should rip their defense apart.

    And too much is being made of this being an away game. Urban always talks about how much he loves road games, when it's just the team vs the world. I can't find the stat but someone was saying Urbans road record is about as good to him home one. His teams thrive on the road. And plus its at NW, it's not like it's death valley

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  • SpartanTailgate


    I think it's more likely that Northwestern starts out 0-2 in the Big 10 this year.

    Michigan State does not and will not run the 3-4 defense.

  • Coach D is a damn good coach and Narduzzi is considered by many to be one of the best in the business as a D coordinator. I believe that they have a Tressel on the defensive staff also.

    Their offensive coaches can be questioned, but that is it.

  • I am very interested in watching PSU going forward. I expect the beginning of the season starting lineups to compete with most teams. Health will be the key for a few years, the depth will be lacking. Also potentially hurting the team will be a drop in quality practice squad players.

    It has probably already been asked but,
    how many scholarship olinemen is PSU carrying?
    How many are you losing at the end of the season and how many are coming in recruiting wise.
    Same questions for the dline.

    The trenches are the most important position groups on the team, imo, with QB being the single position that is more important.

  • Bingo. If he can help now, put him on the field. Reload next year with the next group of kids.

  • Welcome and don't be afraid to ask questions.

    Isn't Anderson's offensive background the spread? Will that be incorporated at all or does the personal warrant keeping the pro-set? Does Alvarez have influence on this at all?

  • The OL picture is interesting.

    We have 11 OL on the roster with 3 freshman coming in. We lose 4 of those after the season, leaving 10 on scholarship for 2014. So right now it looks like we're only taking 1 OL in the 2014 class, unless we happen to get Eluemunor (top JUCO lineman - seems unlikely).

    For the DL, we're pretty much full based on the 65 scholarship numbers. We've got 7 DE's, including incoming freshman (which is more than we need), and 6 DT's. So right now, we're not taking a single DE in the 2014 class, but we will take a DT.

    Unless a DE graduates early or something (possible), we aren't scheduled to lose any of those, and we'll lose 1 DT after 2014.

    So you can see, we're only planning on taking 2 linemen this year. Next year should be more linemen.

    During the years of 65, I'd expect to carry about 11-12 DL and 11-12 OL. Overall, though, the staff is going after talent, period. If that happens to leave a glut at one position vs. another (slightly), so be it. They'll have balance, but getting the best talent possible (and versatile talent) will be key.

    As for depth, that's something I've thought about recently. Our last two classes - 2012 and 2013 - were quite full. That should help us in terms of depth the next few years because nearly half our roster has 4 years of eligibility left. 65 is rough, but we should still be able to provide a two-deep. If we have 3-4 injuries at one position is really when we'll NEED to lean on walk-ons.

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