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We aren't just committed to college football; we're early enrolling in it.

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B1G Roundtable - Fall Camp Edition #1

  • I'll chime in, too...

    Position battles: has already been covered, but it appears to be TE and FS. Starters are not yet established there.

    Projected starters:

    TE - G. Gilliam (could be leading receiver this year and make some All-B1G teams)
    TE - M. Lehman (walk-on who has impressed)

    S - Stephen Obeng-Agyapong (third fastest player on team)

    Concern: entire DB

    There is talent at the starting positions, but the backups will either be walk-ons or true freshmen. If a starter goes down, we will be in some trouble back there.

    Confidence: LB

    Mike Mauti and Gerald Hodges are two of the best in the conference, and Hodges was a preseason All-American. Glenn Carson is very solid in the middle, and the trio ranks at the top of the B1G, and could be one of the best in the nation. The one issue is depth due to the departure of Khairi Fortt (Cal), who was the 4th LB in the rotation and figured to get a good number of snaps this year, although he is injured and may redshirt with Cal if they can afford to do so.

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  • Sounds good. 3 weeks away, Can't Wait!

  • Just one more note on Michigan from my perspective. I will attempt to answer this in terms of possible scenarios, rather than position battles (for the most part)

    With our question marks at DL, LG, WR and Denard's accuracy, there are doors left open for a number of things to happen this season.
    On the negative side - we have an injury on the depth deprived OL and have a weak spot that kills us all year, Denard continues his inconsistency in the passing game and throws nearly as many INT's as TD's, Will Campbell continues to underperform and our DL as a whole does not get any penetration and (least likely IMO) we don't have any WR's step up as dependable go-to options. IF a number of these negative outcomes occur, Michigan is looking at an 8 win season. I still think we will be a tough out/top 20 team, but certainly would fall short of my expectations.

    On the positive side - All of these ?'s have gotten optimistic reports throughout the offseason and thus far in fall camp. I do think our OL will be very good barring injury, so if we can make our way through the season in one piece that would be huge. This is the year that I think Denard will turn heads with his arm. He has gotten rave reviews from all reports, regarding his timing with the receivers, not throwing off his back foot, understanding the offense, etc. Also, Borges has a track record of producing terrific years his second go around with a QB and I expect no different with Denard. Will Campbell, as mentioned throughout this thread, in in the best shape of his life. I personally think he will have a solid to good year, showing flashes of both brilliance and inconsistency, but certainly has the 5* potential to be a force on the DL. He is another guy who has received great reviews the past several months.
    At WR, I'm extremely optimistic. We have Roundtree and Gallon who are already proven, though Roundtree needs to step up as a senior leader and return to his production from sophomore year. Robinson has some solid potential and could very well step up as well, though for some reason I am not expecting much out of him. Back-up QB Gardner is a 6'4" 210lb athletic freak of nature who can go up and get the ball with good speed. If he somehow translates his athleticism to a productive year at wideout, the big 10 is in for a rude awakening. Lastly, Darboh AND Chesson could make a splash this year. Darboh at this point seems to be the most likely candidate having college ready size and impressing in fall camp, but Chesson is also 6'2" with legitimate 4.4 speed to stretch the field.

    Again, this year could be either boom or bust. I see our realistic floor at 8 wins and our ceiling is sky high. If all of these questions are answered with the latter part of my post, the Alabama game will come down to the final few drives. I saved RB to this last point because with Toussaint out nobody knows what's going on. It appears Rawls is stepping up as a bowling-ball-like back. I have been high on him for a long time and would not be disappointed whatsoever if he starts some games for us. He will rightfully be underrated by both the fans and the media until he proves otherwise, but I am convinced he will be a load for opposing defenses to take down.

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