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College football live had bama with 9 titles

  • Bucknuts


    Uh, ok.

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  • All you need to know is BAMA has the most poll era national titles in the entire country.

    And way more than little ole Ohio State

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    10 Major Poll National Titles (CFB record) 35 Bowl Wins (CFB record) 72 Wins over last 6 years (CFB record)

  • I guess they figured the 9 selectors for ND was much more than the 3 for Bama. Heck even Bama's own guide lists it as 5 selectors for ND and one selector tied for ND and Bama,

    You can laugh all you want about the link but it clearly shows that ND doesn't count every time a selector claims them a champion. The same cannot be said for Bama.

    In 1941, there were 15 different services that awarded a national title, and Minnesota was recognized as the “consensus” champion because 12 different organizations (including AP) voted the 8-0 Golden Gophers No. 1.

    Two gave the nod to 8-1-1 Texas (4th in the AP) and one gave it to 9-2 Alabama — an organization named Houlgate (1927-58), a mathematical rating system developed by Deke Houlgate of Los Angeles, Calif., and syndicated to newspapers.

    That year Alabama finished No. 20 in the AP poll with a 9-2 record and shutout losses to Mississippi State and Vanderbilt — yet it still claims it as “a national title year.” C'mon, Man!

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    Scored 4 a single game. Polk High!

  • Bucknuts


    I smell a Wal-Mart t-shirt.

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  • BamaOnLine


    This was posted a while back on the Blue Board by theharbinater:
    "i know you don't care, and i doubt you even read the article and will likely not read this, but for anyone else who wants to know the whole truth, this is something i've put together for some friends on another site. (some of this is credited to alacyclone fron rivals a few years ago.
    basically any pre-ap (pre-1936) is what i consider a rose bowl mnc. there was only one bowl, the rose, and every team the won the rose bowl before the ap poll started claims it as a mnc. this includes nd, usc, mich, osu, etc. so that's 4 for bama (1925, 26, 30, 34). all were undefeated going into the rose bowl, and only 1 didnt win, the 26 team tied stanford 7-7 (who, if im not mistaken, also claims that year as mnc).
    i'll go year by year from here on, as they all have unique characteristics.
    1941 - joke. no way around it. anyone who says otherwise is an idiot. lost 2, didnt win sec, didnt finish in top 20 in ap poll. really dont like this one.
    1961 - undefeated, won bowl, crowned both ap and coaches. no one can argue this one.
    1964 - little hairy. undefeated going into bowl, lost to arky in bowl game. won both polls again, but they were pre-bowl. this is simply how it was done then, and other teams have won and claim mnc when the lost bowls in this time period (includes texas, tenn, ou, mich st and some others), so this is legit, imo. also, consider that every team that has won a coaches or ap poll claims it, bowl win or not, and it strengthens it.
    1965 - finished 9-1-1, won bowl. this year, the ap decided to do poll after bowls. everyone in front of bama lost their bowl, and bama was next in line. so ap votes bama #1. legit, imo.
    this is where i'd put a "what if" scenario type thing, but i'll save it for the end, since there are multiple years (45, 66, and 77) with what if things.
    1973 - undefeated regular season. lost bowl to nd. voted, pre-bowl, coaches poll mnc. this one is harder than the others to call legit, since the ap had been doing post-bowl for several years now. but, again, everyone who has ever won a coaches or ap poll claims it, so this one is ok. weakest one so far (besides the terrible 41)
    1978 - 11-1, won bowl. won ap poll. lost in regular season to usc, who won the coaches. but usc lost a game late in the year, which allowed bama to jump them. this happens all the time, and still does. it's a true split, imo, and a legit claim by bama.
    1979 - 12-0, won bowl. won both polls. no arguments. legit.
    1992 - 13-0, won bowl and both polls. legit.
    2009 - 14-0, won bowl and all polls. legit.
    now, for the what if's:
    in 45, army, i think, won it. and rightly so. but bama was also undefeated, beating usc soundly in the rose bowl. however, army won the ap (no coaches yet, 1950). bama doesnt claim it, and the one who does has a legit claim, so it's hard to argue. but it should be mentioned.
    1966 - bama was 2 time defending mnc, started preseason #1 in both polls, went undefeated and untied (1 of only 2 teams in nation to do so, san diego st was other), won their bowl game over a top 5 team, and didnt win the mnc. only time in history that has happened. nd won both polls, after playing to a tie with mich st (in a weak way, i might add, but that's another story). msu finished 2nd, bama 3rd. bama played more teams with winning records (6) than either nd (4) or msu (2). bama should have been awarded this mnc and, imo, should claim it. but it's hard to without either major poll. this should be legit, and the 1st and only 3-peat, imo.
    1977 - little harder to justify, but there should be some sort of claim. 1 loss. won bowl. was #3 headed into bowls. #1 and #2 lost, we beat #8 team, #4 lost, and #5 nd beat #1 texas. nd won the polls. like i said, hard to justify, but there is some merit there. imo, it should be a split. but it is what it is.
    finally, since the polls are so funky and quirky, there is a simpler way to see who has accomplished greatness the most without subjective opinions. undefeated and untied, bowl champions. and for the big ten and nd people who will argue with this, i have something for them as well.
    bama now has 9 undefeated, untied, bow champion teams. (25, 30, 34, 45, 61, 66, 79, 92, 09)
    #2 on the list is psu with 5 undefeated, untied bowl champion teams.
    #3 & 4 is nebraska and usc with 4 each.
    #5 is a jumble of osu, nd, texas, ou, miami and an outlier in toledo (didnt seperate for major vs non major bowls)
    now, about the bigten and nd, they didnt go bowling for several year during the first half century. the bigten only allowed 1 team per year, and not on consecutive years. nd just didnt because school policy. however, during that time frame, (nd i'm being extremely generous here in assuming this) lets assume that they would have won their bowl for every year that they finished the regular season undefeated and untied. only considering nd and osu, since those are the only 2 that come even remotely close.
    osu would be the same, since they didnt have any years in which they went undefeated and untied in regular season and didnt go bowling (years are 46-75 that the bigten didnt allow more than 1, non-consecutive bowl team)
    nd would be 7 (+4) (the years they didnt go bowling is from 25-70)
    so bama is still on top here, regardless. simply put, bama has done more than anyone where it counts: on the field."

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