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We aren't just committed to college football; we're early enrolling in it.

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We aren't just committed to college football; we're early enrolling in it.

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Do you think regular Muslim folks

  • 247Sports


    I agree that we can't paint all Muslims with a broad brush, and we shouldn't HATE anyone. But to not recognize that in general the West, especially the US, and the Islamic world are at odds with each other, and that most of them see us as the bad guy, is lunacy.

    Also people want to say that extreme Islam is a minority, but there is nothing to support that other than a wish and prayer that it be so. My argument has been that if the extremist are such a small group they sure do wield a hell of a lot of power all across the Islamic world, but even more so in the Middle East.

    -They are attempting to push their way down into Africa...see Mali, Ethiopia, South Sudan,
    -They are constantly at odds with India further East,
    -Their fighting with Israel never stops,
    -Their persecution of Christians is never ending all across the region
    -Anti- american sentiment is common, as is obvious by thousands of demonstrations, many very large over decades, and the often hostile actions of their governments
    -Sharia Law is common and rising due to the Arab Spring
    -Women have no rights
    -People are still stoned to death

    -In Europe they clash with non-Muslim groups in the Balkans

    -In Southeast asia they have successfully imposed their beliefs on peoples that historically do not share them

    I mean damn they absolutely do not get along with anybody whatsoever including themselves. People on here want to say that it's just like any other religion...but it isn't. No other religion or culture for that matter has nearly as much crap going on ALL THE TIME, decade after decade, century after century.

    The problem clearly lies in Islam itself, it is a violent religion within its foundation, which makes it the opposite of all other religions. Islam by nature seeks to dominate and subjugate, and has no respect for the other...which includes us.

    Now I realize that most Muslims don't want to strap bombs to themselves and blow people up and probably care nothing about committing violence, but the culture as a whole encourages this sort of behavior whether buy tacitly supporting it or actively supporting. Case and point these extremist are either in power or supported by the governments of every Islamic nation to some degree or another.

    We need to recognize that there is clearly an impasse between our two cultures if we are to ever work to resolve it.

    And don't give me some crap about how it's all our fault, Islam picked a fight with the West first centuries ago and it's been going on since.

  • 247Sports


    Also another fallacy that needs to be addressed is that immigrants to the West move here because they love our culture so much...while that may be the case for some, and possibly more-so depending on the culture the immigrant is from, for many it is not the case. They love our money first and foremost, they don't come here because they hate the Middle East, they come here because they want nice things.

    Muslims are the worst group to try to assimilate into a most never really do, see Europe. Nor do many here. Many have no intention of ever assimilating into Western culture.

  • BamaOnLine


  • He sent the same type of PMs to me. I deleted them already