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We aren't just committed to college football; we're early enrolling in it.

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We aren't just committed to college football; we're early enrolling in it.

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Where the madness isn't just in March.


First one is on me!

  • Not true... I have a guy that brings in 15-20 every sat in the fall for bama games. I have gator fans, osu fans, michigan, penn st... All of 'em.

  • Appreciate your feedback, but you must think I'm naive is said matter. First of all, we have a lot of families in the area, so not catering to them would be a monster mistake. Secondly, I've been to the places you have mentioned and felt very uncomfortable enjoying a high end beer while a 5 year old drinks milk behind me.

    I have three rooms. The dining room, party room, beer hall and scotch lounge. If it's after 5pm any day of the week, nobody under 21 years of age are allowed in the beer hall or scotch lounge areas. All of my high tops are in both of these parts as well. If you bring in a kid in a stroller or a baby, you really have no choice but to go into the other rooms to get a low top or a booth. (damn I'm smart) biggrin

    I still have a 70 inch in each of the other rooms, so if daddy gets stuck in there, he still gets to watch the feature game with 2 other tvs as well to get game of his choice. Momma's happy, daddy's happy, kid's are happy and the beer drinkers and whiskey buffs don't have to deal with the kiddies!

    Our motto is, "Where recess meets happy hour!" Bringing the kid out in the adult.. we have jenga, connect four, trivial pursuit, darts, etc etc and soon to come, shuffleboard!

    btw, you might want to take me up on the beer offer when you see what we have on tap. Yep, we're number 1. Gregorious, 961 and Zombie Killer to name a few...

    1st in the US with Gregorious and 961.... I'm rollin' sh!t like my Canes did back in the late 80's!!! lol