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We aren't just committed to college football; we're early enrolling in it.

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We aren't just committed to college football; we're early enrolling in it.

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Fishing rod?

  • BamaOnLine


    See, this is completely different fishing than what I was talking bout. Weedlines in the Gulf float on top of the surface in the ocean. They accumulate along a tide line. They are not connected to anything so if you get hung up it's because you suck really bad at casting. If we are talking bottom fishing in more than 40 feet of water then we use conventional tackle. The drifting I was talking about doing is in 20-30 feet of water just off the beach in a kayak and has small bottom structure like cement blocks.

    As far as bottom fishing rigs go, we, along with just about every single boat in Florida, use the Penn Senator series. Most will have the 113's or 114's, but we use the higher speed models in the 113h and 114h. You can put those reels through hell and they will not mess up. The design has been around since the 50's and they are still the most popular offshore fishing reel on this coast. Snapper and Triggers on cut bait- 113h. Grouper and large Snapper with live bait- 114h.

    We use mono on the reels usually. But if we are fishing in water deeper than 120 feet we will change out the spools to braid. Mono has far too much stretch in it and setting a hook in that deep of water does no good. You either have to change line like we do, or switch to a circle hook. Personally, I like yanking the hell out of the fish so we change the line, but we will use circles if the fish are not in season and I am going to throw them back.

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  • i can see what your talking about for the weeds. yes the kelp is hooked to the rocks on the bottom. i fish mostly in the 60 - 100 foot range. the casting on this new reel is crazy. i am getting out to about 50 yards on a good throw. i have some 6oz diamond jigs that the golden eye love. (golden eye) is a red snapper just on the west coast its called that. my kids have some spinning reels, they will use those till they can cast on their own, then i will move them up to a level wind. one day i will get up enough money to go to Florida and go fly fishing for Tarpon.

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