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How Did You Find Out Santa Wasn't Real?

  • Dawgs247


    when I was in 1st grade.

    story goes like this - Jared Sammons (kid in my 1st grade class) was telling myself and my best friend at the time, Brad Calloway, that he saw Santa on Christmas Eve. this is clearly the best news you can tell a 6 year old. so we ask a million questions - we're losing our minds that someone we know saw Santa. Jared tells us that he snuck out of his room and hid near the tree in a cabinet (one of those built-in shelf jobs) in the middle of the night and fell asleep. sometime during the night his mom's voice woke him up and he could see her through a crack in the cabinet. he thought he had slept through the night and she was already opening gifts. Jared busted out of the cabinet to bust her.

    to his surprise - Santa was there too. "Dancing" with his mom. Jared gave us his impression of Santa's dancing - mostly because Brad wondered how Santa danced. "Then he got in mom's car and drove away."

    all three of us ended up being sent home for our behavior. my parents had to explain to me that Santa had helpers (which I didn't believe) and then just spilled the beans.

    10 years later my parents had to explain to me that Santa was banging Jared's mom and Jared watched it. Jared still can't live it down.

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  • BamaOnLine


    roflmaoroflmaoroflmao This thread delivers.


  • Rebels247


    My momma tried too ruin my child hood when i was 9 but i already knew. she asked if i knew what Santa, the Easter bunny, and the tooth fairy had in common. I wasn't ready to let it be known that i didn't believe in them anymore so i looked her in the eyes and said "they only come out at night and only if i am a good kid" ha she couldn't break my heart haha. 3 years later my brother was turning 1 and she had to tell me. She said "remember that question i asked you a few years ago about Santa, etc" i said oh yea i knew then they weren't real. The look on her face was a cross between "i can't believe he pulled that on me" and "he is no doubt my child"

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  • I honestly can't remember exactly when i found out but i do know my sister told me. I do remember telling my parents I don't believe and them threatening to "tell Santa not to bring me anything" and then trying to explain that they buy the gifts and give them to Santa to deliver . the next year they simply just had me give them my list before they went to the mall. I asked for a genesis with Joe Montana Sports Talk, but I got Raiden Trad and David Robinson Basketball