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We aren't just committed to college football; we're early enrolling in it.

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How do you feel about your class so far?

  • For FSU I am at about a 7/10 which is undoubtedly pleased but still anxious to see how we close.

    Biggest issue for me is always going to be Rick Trickett. He's a bastard and few want to play for him. Richy Klepal is committing on the 17th so our LG--->RT spots will be well filled. WELL filled actually. But the LT is nowhere to be found. I'd have given every dollar to my name for FSU to have fired him and hired Bollman this offseason. JUST as an OL coach, not as an OC. We may settle for Kyle Meadows at LT. Luckily we have a RSo starter there so we have time.

    RB: Ryan Green is a star, he is very Marshall Faulk-LIKE, we still need another though. Freeman has a back injury, Wilder makes bad decisions, and Pender "keeps it real" as well. We need to add Alex Collins IYAM

    WR: We're ballin. We're already stacked and it seems we'll sign the class UF needed. Stacey Coley is all but committed we hear.

    TE: Nice

    DE: Will be decided between now and ~August 15th. I believe Davin Bellamy and Za'Darius Smith commit August 1st and just thereafter respectively. We'd then be looking for a LE/SDE. Kendrick Hair maybe at the top of the list.

    DT: Bain is not committed, only internet websites think he is. We need two, Deadrin Senat is a Nole unless we move on. He's a very good NT. Bostwick? Bain loops back when we shell Miami? Other?

    LB: Killing it. Great 4 man group and we lead for Matthew Thomas, yes we do. If we add him then this is America's top group.

    CB: A lot to be seen. Seems we are pushing S.Shelton towards South Carolina. Marquez White is a 4 star no doubt, Adrian Baker is above decent/solid, now we're pressing for Mackensie Alexander. He's a super star in the making.

    S: A lot to be seen. We likely need 3.

  • Dealing with it. I suppose.

    It is what it is.

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  • What's the breakdown of what's left?

  • Basically waiting for Willis, Redfield, Ramsey(Mon. the 16th) and a special DE from the southeast to go public. Willis will announce at the Under Armor game...Redfield scheduled to announce at the Under Armor game, although he could commit sooner...and the DE whenever he's ready. VHiii is a wild card at this point if the current deck gets reshuffled.

    The class is pretty much complete at this point.

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  • QB: Best QB in the class IMO, shrug

    RB:Deveon Smith is a tough nosed runner, not blazing speed but never goes down on first contact. He will be a beast behind Michigan's OL.

    WR: As soon as Treadwell commits Michigan will have a great WR class. Treadwell is elite, C'sonte York is a sleeper, and Jaron Dukes is a 6'5" WR.

    TE: Michigan has Jake Butt, a nice balanced TE, should complement the WR's nicely.

    OL: lol Don't even get me started on this, Michigan has the best OL class in the country. 4* Kyle Bosch, 4* Chris Fox, 4* Logan Tuley-Tillman, 4* David Dawson, and 4* Patrick Kugler

    DL: A smaller class on the DL for Michigan as they got a bunch last year. But this year they got high upside 4* Taco Charlton, 4* Henry Poggi (DT), and 4* DT Maurice Hurst

    LB: Another smaller group for Michigan as they got 4 solid LB's last year. This year they got 4*'s Ben Gedeon and Mike McCray. And all I have to say about it is, dat shit cray.

    DB: Another solid group for Michigan, they snagged 4 guys here this year. High 4* Safety Dymonte Thomas (how bout' dem apples Buckeyes?), 2 4* CB's in Jourdan Lewis and Gereon Conley, along with a sleeper at CB in Channing Stribling.

    LS: Michigan snagged an elite LS this year. lol Probably top 2 LS class this year.

    Overall Michigan has a great class and is stacked at every position.

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    This is Michigan, fergodsakes.

  • bow

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  • Well for Miami most of our top targets haven't decided yet but I'll give it a go
    QB- Kevin Olsen is a obviously our most important recruit and a huge get
    RB- Alex Collins is very good but I doubt he sticks we will see what happens there
    WR- Jordan Cunningham is a guy we lead for he is really solid
    TE- Standish Dobard and Travis Johnson are both good pickups
    OL- Only one commit so far hoping for Denver Kirkland to close it out
    DE- Hoping for Sherit or Williams either would be fine
    DT- Bryant Bain, and Bostwik are our main focus at this position
    LB- We have a great chance at Both Matthew Thomas and Jermaine Grace
    DB- Jamal Carter and Artie Burns are both our main priorities with Safety being a need position
    ATH- We will see what happens if Levonte Whitfield decides to come back on board

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  • BamaOnLine


    Filled a huge need in Bateman.

    A little steamed about Foster but shit happens. Thankfully we have talent stockpiled at LB.

    Would like to see another OL hopefully Kenneth Santa Marina(sp?).

    Also another CB is a priority

    Demarcus Walker would be big news.

    Not sure how I feel on bringing in 3 RBs if Henry committs to us.

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  • 247Sports


    Nasty right now... going to be straight disgusting by the time montravious, tray Matthews, shaq Wiggins... and the rest of UGA's class comes to Auburn.

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  • I think Miami gets Kermit, Artie, and Carter at this point. Sherit is looking way better as well. I think Florida passes on him.

    Matthew Thomas will be one of our better battles in a long time I think.

  • overall, i am pleased, but we've (bama) taken a few hits recently (losing out on nkimdiche, decommit of foster).

    still tops overall, though, with some serious talent on board already and in top goup for some other top talent.

    qb - very pleased. think he fits our style very well. won't come in a start right away, but we don't need him to either.

    rb - extremely pleased. 2 of the best rb in nation already committed and strong. also in tops for 5* henry (though i don't think he stays at rb)

    wr - ok/pleased. we got 1 set at wr that's good, and a couple ath that could be cb or wr that are both 4*. took a large and talented wr group last year, so not that important this year. also in top group for 5* foster.

    te - extremely pleased. best te in nation on board, with a shot at another very good one.

    oline - oline is so hard to project, i don't really get excited or sweat anything, unless it's a can't miss top 5 guy. glad we got a shot at tunsil, which is one of those guys.

    dline - pleased - got 1 good 4* and a 5* jack (which i consider more dl than lb), and are in strong for some other guys. missed out on a few big time guys, though (rn most notable).

    lb - down - suck we lost out of foster, but we got a chance at some other good guys.

    db - pleased - got a couple good 4* db's in already, as well as those 2 4* ath that project at either db/wr.

    k/p/sp teams - gave a long snapper a scholly, so no not really.

    overall, pretty good. feels like teh suck right now cause of the foster stuff, but looking back on it i'm happy so far.

    addressed biggest need qb with a top talent.

    we were bound to have a down year sooner or later, and if this is it, i'll take it.

  • Sherit sucks

    Weak ass DE year for the state of florida, bunch of chubby hoe bags

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  • BamaOnLine


    I know Miami has the best shot at Thomas and I'll get criticized for saying this by FSU and Miami fans but I think we are a real player until the end.

    He has consistently named us either his leader or in his top 2 but we need to get him and his mom on campus to make an even bigger impact

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  • QB - Barrett - One of the top duel threat QBs. Plus Marshall if you believe that will happen. A
    RB - Elliott - Has been underrated, but offers a speed/shifty back that compliments our other current backs. A-
    WR - Marshall - He is the playmaker Urban needs for that wingback type role. I would have expected more like 2-3 guys in this area. Considering how we were so high on Foster's list for the longest time. Kind of disappointed. B-
    TE - Baugh - Elite hands for a TE. Not as elite player as Howard though. I'll still give an A because I'm glad we didn't take two with our current roster. A
    OL - Lisle - Good tackle if he stays there, not great. I expected more from this group as well. D+
    DL - Has elite as well as some sleepers. Much better than I expected after last year's great class. A-
    LB - Expect Mitchell still to make this good after last year's large class. B-
    DB - Great pair of CBs. Sleeper safety. Possible for Bell still. A+
    P - I won't pretend I know if he is good or bad. Reports are he is one of the better in the country. Not sure with the reduction of schollies next 3 years we need to use one on punter, but I'll take it if he ends up good. B

    Overall - I love this class. After last year's class and what is shaping up to be great next year. I think this fits into a very good class. Low A-

  • Ill say it again

    Thomas does not fit in a 3-4 defense unless you ruin him by trying him at safety ( heard some rumblings of this )

    Its a FSU/Miami race with nobody else in sight

    Kid says Bama is up there cause you are the best program in america, he has no real intention of going there over 2 florida powers that offer better fits both on and off the field

    He could start right away at Miami more than likely

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  • SpartanTailgate

    Final Countdown

    Michigan State has some very good commits for the defensive back 7. And none of them will be NEEDED to contribute as freshman. Still looking for a strong safety.

    QB: Damion Terry is a very underrated dual threat QB. He didn't attend many camps, but he will really show people how polished he is.

    RB: 2 solid backs with different running styles. Might need to contribute as freshman if Leveon Bell goes pro early.

    WR: Kind of a head scratcher. We all expected 1 commit... but we now have 2 and are working to get #3. I guess we must be expecting attrition or position changes. Again, a couple underrated guys with great athleticism.

    TE: Mark Chmura's son Dylan. Was injured his junior year, so he's a bit of a project. Apparently he really impressed at camps.

    OL/DL: No commits, which has some people worried. MSU is in very good shape with several good prospects. No immediate need for bodies, but we will take at least 3 OL and 3 DL.

    K: We may or may not take a kicker in this class.

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  • BamaOnLine


    Be a good fit at Sam.

    And like I said, I know I'm going to get criticized but if we get him on campus then all bets are off

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  • A 210 pounder at Sam ? Can't see it

    10 bucks says he maybe shows to Bama once, either this summer or an official

    He will be at Miami at least another 7 times.... Good luck

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  • BamaOnLine


    Nova I feel a rant of yours coming on. Reread my first post where I said Miami has the best shot.

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  • Nah im just telling you, kid don't fit in a 3-4

    It makes no sense for him to even try considering how loaded you are at LB

    Bama just makes no sense for a 195 pound backer whereas FSU and Miami have a history of using small LB's and getting the most out of them

    Ernie Sims, Brooks, Vilma, Perryman, Hayes, Telvin Smith and on the list goes

    Your lb's are all huge and always have been

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  • RB - Thomas Tyner, Dontre Wilson

    Two RBs the should fit our system well, Tyner just needs to say healthy. Hoping we can pull Derrick Green, but if not 4* Laray Smith out of Brooklyn, NY is probably the guy for the 3rd spot.

    WR - Darren Carrington

    Oregon fans are very happy about Carrington, both because he has always wanted to be a Duck, and because he's been one of the fastest risers in the country at the WR position. Is already a solid blocker, which is a requirement in our offense, and has great hands, despite what The Opening showed where he struggled a bit in that area.

    OL - Alex Redmond, Evan Voeller

    Two solid OL commits, one in-state. I know Barton really likes Redmond and once the pads went on at The Opening he became more recognizable amping up the physicality, plays with a bit of a mean streak. Voeller is the top OL in Oregon has nice size at 6'4 290. 247 has him as a high 3* while most others have him as a 4*.

    TE - John Mundt

    Very hard-worker at the TE position, with good fundamentals. Not sure how developed he is as a receiver yet, could be a bit raw there, but its hard to argue with the way the Coach Osbourne (TE/ST) recruits and coaches. A lot of young talent at that position right now, hopefully they can contribute early.

    K - Matt Wogan

    Wogan is one of the top kickers in the country with a very strong leg. Kickoffs regularly go 70-75 yards.

    DB - Chris Seisay

    Staff likes his size at 6'2, listed as an ATH but should play CB. Their is a noticeable shift in our DB recruiting towards bigger players.

    Generally pretty happy at this point, still a long ways to go on Oregon's class with only 8 commitments. Not a big concern its just how Oregon recruiting goes. Losing out on Vanderdoes definitely stings a bit. With Jennings and Stanton choosing elsewhere it is likely we don't take a QB this year, but with Mariota, Bennett, Rodrigues, and Lockie already on the roster its not a big concern. I know 2014 QB Manny Wilkins has already expressed a lot of interest. Was the top underclassman at the Oakland Elite 11 this year and should be one of the best QBs in the west next year.

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  • BamaOnLine


    OT but Dillon Lee is at 2nd string Sam right now with Tana Patrick 1st.

    Kid should get some PT

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  • Sounds like he wouldn't play at all

    Both of those kids are ready size wise and meanwhile Thomas wouod be working on gaining at least 35 pounds to fit

    Which might not work, some kids just don't get huge and i think Thomas is one of these cases

    I see him at 220 max and that just don't work in a 3/4 imo

    He could play at either FSU or Miami right away at only 210 or so, no way that happens at Bama.... No way

    The SEC backs would fugg his asshole shut after week 6 or so

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  • I think Redfield is playing in the UA game.

  • We know why you think that but everyone in Florida knows it's between FSU and Miami. Bama is not really involved. You can believe me or not.

  • 6/10 because we havent gotten a single DE yet and the board looks like sh*t

    im glad weve got most of the position groups filled at this point though

    QB - none. dont need it

    RB - green is a baller. were done unless we pull alex collins from miami

    WR - outstanding. we got a slot and two big wideouts. IF we take anyone else its gravy

    TE - morgan is all we need and looks to a decent receiver and a great blocker. position is done

    OL - assuming we get klepal and droogsma we are done on interior. denson is gonna be a monster. OT needs work. golson looks like a RT and we really need a LT. im hoping for a hailmary and we somehow get Tunsil. Denver kirkland would be a great consolation prize though

    DT - bain is not committed. we dont really need many. 1-2. senat should come back to us and then take another if hes there, if not next year

    DE - HUGE need and weve got nothing. we look good for bellamy but thats it. if we can get tim williams on campus we'll get a chance but im not holding my breath til he visits. beyond that i dont know who we are looking at. this position has me really worried.

    LB - great talent here and we are just reloading. wont take anyone else unless its thomas or mcmillan

    S - needs work. would love to get marcell harris or jamal carter but i dont like our chances. we are in it for artie burns but it looks like our chances are getting smaller.

    CB - really like marquez white. kid is underrated badly. shelton might not stick. really hope we can pull in mckensie alexander

    weve got alot of guys left on the board but were gonna have to do some selling to lock them in. potential to be a top5 class

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