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We aren't just committed to college football; we're early enrolling in it.

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We aren't just committed to college football; we're early enrolling in it.

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How do you feel about your class so far?

  • Tee just said on his instagram yesterday he is trying to come back to ND. He didn't want out. He just didn't qualify academically.

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  • He was never fully enrolled or something like that. Anyways he's at JUCO this year. Have a really hard time believing he'd get back in but we'll see.

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  • That sucks. Big time leader on your D. Who's looking to replace him?

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  • SpartanTailgate


    QB: Rivals/Scout 3 star, ESPN 4 Star Damion Terry. Pretty gifted athlete. Pass first, run second QB who has been recruiting for us too.

    RB: Couple of 3 star very early commits here; RJ Shelton- runs a 4.4 40, 35th RB according to rivals, 4th best player in Wisconsin. Gerald Holmes - power back. 6'0 205 lbs, 10th best player in the state of Michigan.

    WR: Trey Kilgore - A scout analyst said that if his team was better and didnt get injured this year, he could be the #1 player in Ohio. Incredible athlete. His team is terrible though and he had an injury his junior season which caused him to sit out a few games. His teams QB sucks so along with WR, he plays wildcat QB as well as KR and PR.
    Jay Harris - Recruited as a "return specialist". His commitment kinda came out of nowhere but he's an incredible athlete.

    TE: Love this commitment. Dylan Chmura - Son of former Packer TE Mark Chmura. We've been recruiting him since his Sophomore year. Unrated because he tore his ACL this year and didnt play. Coaches weren't going to offer a TE this class, but he showed up to camp and dominated and got an offer. Wisco offered a greyshirt because of their limited scholarships.

    DE: None yet, hopefully Demetrius Cooper will fill this spot. We only need 1

    DT: None yet, Devyn Salmon is a probably lock, Donovan Munger should consider us as well as the FSU commit Bain

    LB: Simply awesome. Pair of 4 stars in Jon Reschke and Shane Jones. The number 19 and 14 linebackers in the country respectively.

    CB: Another plus with 3/4 star Darian Hicks at CB.

    S: Jalyn Powell, another early commit looks solid. We will probably get Delton Williams out of PA, teammate of Damion Terry.

    OL: None yet facepalm_msu. Munger is a possibility as is Caleb Benenoch.

    Small class and there are about 5 or 6 spots left.
    if we can get Williams, Munger (who also plays OL), Salmon, Cooper and Benenoch this class would be an amazing one for MSU.

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  • Are you questioning the national analysts integrity? Saying he's only a five star because he named Bama his leader?

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  • LSU

    QB-Hayden Rettig, Anthony Jennings

    Very pleased. Couldn't be more impressed with Kragthorpe and the job he did getting both of these kids. We needed it quite honestly.


    Don't need one because we're young and loaded but I'm a guy that likes at least 1 every year. We're too reliant on RBs to not take one. Adam Taylor is the guy I hope we take.

    FB- Kennard Swanson

    Looks a lot like our current FB, Copeland. Not a fan of recruited FBs but if we're going to do it then this is what they should look like.

    WR-Quantavious Leslie(JC), John Diarse, Chuck Baker

    Happy. Leslie is a difference maker with size and speed. Diarse is an underneath beast with skills after the catch. Not going to win any Sparq competitions but some kids are just special with pads on. He's one. Baker has size, great hands, suprising athletic skills and is maybe the best blocking wr in the country. Still chasing RSJ and a couple of others. Would love to land North from NC but it's not happening. Tredavious White could end up here.

    TE-Logan Stokes(JC), Desean Smith

    Smith was our top target and we got him so I'm good. Stokes looks decent on film but he's such an unknown that I don't know what to think. Smith brings a needed pass catching threat. We're in great shpae for a top 5 TE next year in the Smith mold so we're finally looking up here.

    OL-Josh Boutte(OG), Karl Malone(OG/C), Ethan Pocic(OT)

    Thrillied. Boutte is a top 3 OG imo and a beast. Malone has the talent and the athletic pedigree but is raw and has a big leap in competition coming. Like the potential. Pocic fits the mold of how we like our OTs. Big suprise we got him and I'm thrilled we did. Some say we are still looking for one more but who knows. We need a C but we passed on all the ones we had on the board. Ishmael Wilson is a candidate if he shows to camp(doubt it, we should have offered in February and he's be a Tiger). Not sure who else we're looking at.

    DE-Frank Herron, Micheal Patterson, Lewis Neal

    Very happy with what we've got and what we'll end up with. Herron is raw but has a ton of talent. His size/first step is what we like. Neal is fundamentally sound and better on the field than on film. Smaller than we usually like but the staff loves him. Patterson is the wild card. He has size, athletic ability and speed. Has big upside and with coaching could be a beast. Kid plays wr in hs at 6'5 230. The prototype LSU DE. Tim Williams is the linchpin and will be a Tiger eventually. Just waiting him out. Prevot is also on the board but his size is a major concern. I think he's TAM.

    DT-Tevin Lawson

    Happy with Lawson. He's all upside at this point but is in the mold of our preferred DTs. Athletic with size. Need 1 more at least and may take 2 more. Greg Gilmore is the top target and most believe we are the clear favorite. Some say silent. I think he'll be a Tiger. Other candidates are Pagano and Rod Crayton. I like both and have no preference but both would have to really show out to get that spot.

    LB-Melvin Jones

    Love Jones. To me he's a stud. 6'3 245 LBs with his athletic ability and speed aren't common. Waiting on Beckwith. Could be us or Bama. Not a fan of him at LB and don't believe he will play a down at LB for LSU, one way or the other. He's a DE in our system. Like his talent but I'm honestly kind of meh on landing him or not.

    CB-Jeryl Brazil, Tredavious White

    Great. Thing is, both could end up elsewhere on the roster. Brazil is the fastest kid in the class and could fit in a myriad of spots. He wants CB and I think he goes there 1st but I'd love to see him on offense. White just might be the best player in the state. Has top notch CB skills and I think he plays there at LSU. He also might be the best WR in the state and some on our staff love him as an Odell Beckham type wr. We still want at least 2 more and both could be committed this week. Rashard Robinson is a fantastic talent and has been waiting for this week. I'd be suprised if he's not a Tiger sometime in the next 4 days. Rickey Jefferson is the other and it's just a matter of time. Being slept on greatly by most people because he got hurt last year. Coming into the cycle he was the majority leader as the top player in the state. He hasn't gotten worse. Top notch talent.We'll chase Artie Burns and Mackenzie Alexander but to no avail.

    S-Jeremy Cutrer

    Love Cutrer. He fits what we want at S. Long, nice frame with athletic ability and speed. Hits like a train. Needs polish but the potential is high. Priest Willis is the top guy on the board and will be on campus this week. Huge visit. I've been in the minority most of the cycle by thinking he ends up at LSU but people are starting to come around. My favorite DB in the class nationally. Not sure what the pecking order is of other S prospects.

    Overall a great class in the making. We'll challenge for top 3 in February. Either way, it's a class that was needed with the bad perception regarding last year's underrated group.

  • This happens every year where we can't let big names in. Last year many believed Byron Marshall was going to commit on his OV and than the staff told him not to come because he couldn't qualify anyway.

    I really like our 2 CB commits now. There both 6'1". Kinlaw runs a 4.42 and has a 38 inch vert but he played QB last year.

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  • Did you watch Kylie Fitts destroy Mission Viejo last season? Kid's a major baller and in any class except for USC's he'd be a headliner. I'd take him right now at FSU - he's like Sherit except bigger and better.

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