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Laser printer for home office

  • BamaOnLine


    Seems like one can find answers to everything on tBB these days... I'm looking to upgrade my old HP inkjet and am interested in investing in a home/small business laser printer and wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions (or even if I should go laser or stick with inkjet). I have an Epson photo printer that I use for photography/design stuff so I really need one for printing just ever day documents, printing out comp pieces, work docs, etc. It also needs to be an all-in-one unit, though I'm not sure how much I'd really use faxing. Scanning and copying, though, will get used a lot.

    Thanks guys.

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  • I have been loyal to HP products for the last 12 years or so as well. Most of my work is from home and speed is not the biggie here for me, but quality. I print contracts and art mostly. The difference between inkjet and laser printers has changed a little over the years, so if you are printing a big array of different documents, consider a inkjet.If you need high volume, look at a laser printer. All of the printer companies use different procedures when it comes to printed pages per minute in testing so I put very little thought into their claims. I have had HP printers from the 9000 series on down and just replaced my J5780 officejet all in one series with a 5520 inkjet all in one. The price went from $300 for the 5780 about 5 years ago, to $85 for the 5520 at Sam's Club this past weekend. It does all I need for a lot less money on the front side, but the down side "could be" in the extra ink cartridges on the back side. My old printer used the typical (1) multi color and (1) black cartridge and the 2 cost about $35, but the 5520 has the 4 cartridges that might add up in cost over time. I can also buy 3 sets of all 4 cartridges needed at Sam's Club for $110 and that should last me about 1 year. I am just not sure how many pages I will get yet with the new printer, so I really cant give you a true assessment in ink costs. I have also had good experiences with HP tech support when needed. Hope this helps some and good luck!

  • I use a small HP laser, have a separate all in one inkjet. Works great for me.