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Looking Back 09

  • 09 recruiting class, 4 years later how did your class do? What did they accomlpish on the field??

    BArkley- 4 year starter owns Alot of SC records
    Kevin Graf & John Martinez - both 4* Olineman, both 2/3 year starters.
    DEVON KENNARD -5* DE, bust would be too harsh, but has not lived up to his ranking, a lot has to due with injury, & bad coachingkid has had 4 position changes no lies.
    TJ MCDONALD - 3 year starter, good safety
    JAWANZA STARLING - 4* Safety, 3 year safety but mehhh not that good.
    TORIN HARRIS -3* CB, has started for us but is not good at all.
    Jacob Harfman - Kicker

    BYRON MOORE - 4* Safety
    HEBRON FANGUPO- 5* DT juco, bust
    James Boyd - 3* DE

    DeVon Flournoy- 4* WR
    Kevin Greene - 3* DE
    Simi Vehitkie - 2* FB
    PAtrick Hall - 5* CB
    JArvis Jones - F USC dr
    Frankie Telfort - heart condition

    **** This class sadly, sucked. We had 3 Good.Players, Barkley, TJ Mac, & Martinez. This class was tha unlucky & got hit with sanctions, 8-5, 8-4, 10-2,7-5, so not very good record wise. If the dice had rolled USCs way, and USC commits Vontaze Burfict & Alshon Jeffrey sign with SC, Jarvis never leaves, & we sign Teo as most though we would, we would have been damn good. I know its a pipe dream, but it was close to happening. A LB trio of Teo, Jones & Burfict??? UnReal

    Trent Richardson - 5* RB, won the Doak Walker, 3rd in the Heisman, #3 overall pick in 2012 NFL Draft
    Dre Kirkpatrick - 5* CB, not sure on awards/accolades, 1st round pick in 2012 NFL Draft
    Nico Johnson - 5* LB, big contributor/starter for each of the past 4 years. Very solid LB, will be a middle round draft pick in 2013
    DJ Fluker - 5* OT, 3 year starter at RT, 2nd team AP All-American this season, will be a 1st-2nd round pick in 2013
    AJ McCarron - 4* QB, 3rd team AP All-American this season, Offensive MVP of the BCS title game last year
    Eddie Lacy - 4* RB, 1st team coaches All-SEC this season, 1,000+ yards this season, will be a 2nd-3rd round pick in 2013
    James Carpenter (JUCO) - 4* OT, 2 year starter at LT, 1st round pick in 2011 NFL draft
    Chance Warmack - 3* OG, 3 year starter, 1st team All-American this year, will be a 1st round pick in the 2013 NFL draft
    Kenny Bell - 4* WR, has had a solid career, nothing spectacular
    Kevin Norwood - 4* WR, kinda the same as Bell but did have a huge game in the BCS title last year and at LSU this season. Both big time, cluth performances
    Ed Stinson - 4* DL, contributed a lot last year, started this year at DE, should have a great season in 2013
    Anthony Steen - 3* OG, started the past 2 years, will return next year, has been a very solid G
    Quinton Dial - 4* DL, contributed a lot the past two years, pseudo-starter

    Kendall Kelly - 4* WR, don't know where he went if anywhere
    Brandon Moore - 4* DL, transferred to Texas, starts now I believe
    Darrington Sentimore - 4* DL, transferred to Tennessee and starts there I think
    Rod Woodson - 4* S, don't know what happened to him
    Michael Bowman - 4* WR, left team last season I think

    There are a few others who are still on the team but will probably never contribute at this point. 4* LB Tana Patrick could possibly start at a LB spot next year but...ehh...

    Class was #1 in the country at the time. Had a lot of stars but also had a bigger number of non-contributors/busts/transfers than most of our classes.

    Has won 2 national titles, 2 SEC titles, and is playing for a 3rd national title in January. Overall record: 48-5 so far. Pretty good.

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  • If Bama wins, no doubt the most successful recruiting class of the 21st century.

    But...if Bama loses in January, who's better?

    06 Florida class
    09 'Bama Class

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  • BamaOnLine


    Bama's 08' class was te GOAT IMO

    Mark Ingram
    Julio Jones
    Barrett Jones
    Marcel Dareus
    Terrence Cody
    Michael WIlliams
    Robert Lester
    Donta Hightower
    Courtney Upshaw
    Damion Square
    Brad Smelley
    Mark Barron

    ...damn. Adding that class above to the 09', 10', and 11' class, no wonder we did so well.

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    "Because Bama now sucks just like FSU used to suck when we were getting dominated by OU. Does it make sense now?"- Sliger (FSU Fan)

  • Interesting question. The 09 Bama class would have 2 BCS titles and 2 SEC would the 06 Florida class. However, the 09 Bama class would have also played in a 3rd national title game whereas the 06 Florida class would've won their division one more time. The most games the 09 class lost in a season was 3 (10), the 06 Florida class lost 4 (07). The 06 Florida class had a Heisman winner (Tebow) while the 09 Bama class had a finalist (Trent).

    09 Bama (with a loss in January) would be 48-6
    06 Florida went 48-7 (I think)

    I'd have to give the very slight edge to 09 Bama for playing in 3 national title games to 06 Florida's 2. The edge is so slight because the records are basically identical and 06 Florida was a win away from playing in a 3rd national title game...ironically, Bama knocked them out. Pretty amazing.

  • I agree with that...I wonder how the two teams would do if they were reversed. I think the competition was tougher during Florida's run. honestly, I don't see Florida 08' or '09 losing a game these last two years

    But I agree that even if 'Bama loses, this crop has been slightly more successful than Tebow's class

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  • pretty amazing stuff

    Gotta wonder if Saban can break the recent trend of mini-dynasties:
    Nebraska 94-97
    FSU 98-2000
    Miami 2000-2002
    USC 03-05
    Florida 06-08
    Bama 09-present

    If anyone can do it...its him. Hopefully it's ND and Brian Kelly's turn now

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  • UF '09 was not even in the same area code as '11 Bama... or LSU for that matter. '08 they might have been a bit better overall, but it would be a good game.

    I disagree about the SEC being stronger during their run. We were crap until '08, and then there was LSU, who is better recently year in and year out.

  • fair enough. I really don't think that Alabama played one single dynamic offense that year ('11), but to each his own. They dominated who they played, and that's all that really matters

    I also think McCarron is not too good, so I rate these 'Bama teams lower then a McCarron believer would

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  • Alabama beat Arkansas 38-14 last season. The Hogs averaged 37 pts/game and had a pretty good offense. I agree though that we didn't play many good offenses last year. Still, that defense finished #1 in every single major statistical category and had 3 guys drafted in the 1st round with Upshaw being drafted early in the 2nd. Two other starters were drafted in the 5th round for a total of 7 starters being drafted. Even with losing all of that, this year's Bama defense finished 1st in the country in total defense. That's how good it was last year and how good the guys left over from last year are.

    This year's Bama team isn't as good as 09 or 11 but it isn't because of McCarron. You said you think 09 Florida could beat the best SEC teams of the past couple years. Well, 09 Bama beat 09 Florida by 19 with McElroy at the helm and McCarron is definitely better than McElroy. I personally think 11 Bama is the best Bama team under Saban, 09 is next, and then 12. Funny enough, 10 Bama may have been the most talented team but lost 3 games due to inexperience, injuries.

    I actually think that if CJ Mosley and AJ return next year, Bama will be better next year than they were this year.

  • starters
    xavier rhodes 3* WR - 3 year starter. ACC DROY in 2010. 1st team all ACC corner. potential 1st round pick
    brandon jenkins 4* DE - 3 year starter. all acc credentials. was looking to be a 1st rounder til injury, headed to NFL
    lonnie pryor 4* RB- 4 year starter. most important player on offense imo. graduated. NFL next year
    chris thompson 4* RB - 3 year starter. injuries derailed him again this year. was trending up on NFL boards til knee injury
    bryan stork 3* TE - 2 year starter at Center. will start again next year. came on slow but playing great now.
    rodney smith 4* WR - 3 year starter at WR. decent career. off to the NFL
    dustin hopkins 3* K - 4 year starter. all time scoring leader as a kicker. great career headed to the NFL
    greg reid 5* CB - 3 year starter. played very well. kicked off team for drugs in 2012.

    demonte mccallister 4* DT - in the rotation on DL. has played very well when in. might start in 2013
    dan hicks 2* TE - moved from TE to DE and played well til knee injury. back next year
    willie haulstead 3* WR - started 1 year played very well. got injured last year and fell far behind in rotation. will likely xfer.
    jaccobi mcdaniel 5*DT - 2 year starter played well. injury bug hit last year. is in rotation but behind now.

    Non - Contributors
    Gerald Demps 3* S - special teams and comes in during beatdown games
    justin bright 3* S - special teams and comes in during beatdown games
    henry orelus 3* OG - started a couple games because of other injuries. OL depth

    Transfers/kicked out
    willie downs 4* ATH- never made it in
    jajuan harley 4* S - special teamer xfered to MTSU to get PT
    CJ mizell 4* LB - didnt make it in. juco then to washington state. played well one year then kicked out there.
    aubrey phillips 3* OT - came in overweight. OL coach too mean. xfered to auburn OL coach to mean. quit. eating burgers somewhere
    john prior 3* OT - came in for summer. had familiy issues and moved home to help sick family member. amicable break.
    will secord 3* QB - career wb backup. graduated and xfered out to get PT at D2.

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    FSU Ambassador to the masses

  • Good lord that class looks disappointing, and that was Bobbys last class at FSU. The players that Jimbo had a hand in getting to FSU were mostly succesful like Greg Reid even though he was a knuckle head and got kicked off the team.

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  • yeah there was a bunch of dead wood. unfortunately some were lost due to unforseen circumstances. prior had the family issue so we had no control there, secord was never going to be anything but a clipboard holder

    phillips was a major bust because he became lazy before he got to school. downs went to godby so we should have seen the writing on the wall, same with mizell, tally kids dont work out for us for the most part.

    i look at the positives and see 5 great players on that last a few good ones as well. when we look back at the 2010 class everything is going to look much much better

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    FSU Ambassador to the masses

  • Yeah the 2010 and 2011 class had more of a hand in getting FSU back than the 2008 and 2009 classes. Yes those two classes had some good players, but the 2010 and 2011 class will likely play for a title before it is all said and done if they can go through the season without any blunders and catch a few breaks in the polls.

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