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We aren't just committed to college football; we're early enrolling in it.

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Note to *U Fan..............

  • Since I can't respond to this posy on the Butta Hurta I will here.

    Posted by Otismyman:
    Made me think how blessed we are to have Gus and how this is going to pay off big time

    I had lunch with the Head Coach at Hillcrest HS today. He won a state championship in Louisiana a few years ago before moving to Alabama. He is a huge LSU fan BTW. He coached with Del Greco at Spain Park before landing the head coaching job at Calera. One thing about Scott, he tells you what he thinks straight up. Anyway, he went down to Montgomery for the coaches meeting last week in preparation for the Senior Bowl. He told me several coaches spoke, Saban, Franklin and Gus. Each coach brought an assistant to speak as well, Coach Horton spoke for Auburn. He said Gus and Horton did a great job speaking, but as other coaches finished speaking, they would leave. He said our coaches hung around, took off their coats and put on a clinic. They shared their vision for the future on the plains, and told them just how they would make it happen. He said then, Rhett Lashlee came out and took them all to School on how the offense works, even drawing plays for them all to see. Scott said every one of the coaches were impressed with Lashlee. His quote was " As big of an LSU fan as I am, Auburn will win and win big very soon, this staff is highly impressive". Just thought I would share this, it's nice to hear from an outsider.

    A little education for you. Saban and Franklin do not need to hang around and explain their vision to HS coaches because they can see it on the field for the last 2 years. I am glad you have faith in Gus, sure it was just as much faith as you had in Chizik. Good luck next year, maybe you will win a SEC game. Maybe.

  • BamaOnLine


    While I think it's mildly retarded to bring this here I laugh at Auburn fans remotely thinking Gus will be a success and be at Auburn many years. He'll be fired in less than 4 years.

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    Forrest Gump

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    This, plus, it's in Gus' benefit to teach his offense to high school staffs. Having other high school programs run his system is a great benefit to him. Rush Propst was in a large part successful at Hoover for an extended period of time because the first thing he did when getting there was to teach the coaches of the younger players under him his system. They in turn grew up running it so when they go tot Hoover, it was 2nd nature to them. Guys could step in early and contribute instead of being overwhelmed by the complicated plays. For Gus to be successful, he will need something similar to happen. I wouldn't be surprised if he went around to every high school in the state offering to go over plays with them.

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