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We aren't just committed to college football; we're early enrolling in it.

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We aren't just committed to college football; we're early enrolling in it.

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Ole Miss- from the perspective of a fan

  • I think everyone on this board has this idea that I was suggesting Ole Miss was about to just go win the SEC and national championships. I am juat saying that they are trying to move away from being a doormat and being competitive in their games.

    UGA fans I get the anger about Tunsil but we have been in his top 5 since at least last May, it wasnt just a last minute deal that swayed him. Bama fans I doubt anyone thinks we had a better class that yall or anything like that. State fans good class as usually with Mullen.

  • Rebels247


    in all honesty guys, did we cheat? prolly. Do yall cheat? prolly, and if you dont believe me then what cars do yall players drive? point made. Is the NCAA gonna investigate? prolly. wil anything come of it? doubtfull, if MState got off scott free then i highly doubt anything will happen to us minus losing a few scholarships if that. i also love how i keep reading "it doesnt matter they will still be a doormat," if thats the case then why does it matter? it wont unless ole miss does actually compete for the top of the pile, at which point all of this will come roaring back with a passion, all fingers will be repointed saying "i told you so." bottom line to this post, if you think we cheated and you beat us it will be said that it doesnt matter if we cheat, if we beat yall all that will be said is they had to cheat to do it. at this point whether we did this all fairly* or not it doesnt matter because noone wants to have to say "Ole Miss beat us." So GTHLSU, F*** State, Shove it UGA, Rammer Jammer yellow hammer GTH Alabama, Screwww Pig Sooie...i think that about covers it peace

    *as fairly as everyone else plays

    edit: i love how AU no longer has any issue after they flipped a couple of our big guys, i also love how noone seems to notice how the "cheating" program cant even keep 2 of their top targets from flipping since money is all that matters.

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