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Penn State wants to leave the B1G

  • Bucknuts


    I'm sorry you think Columbus is a dump.

    I think Columbus is one of the nicest cities I have been to and as people who know me on this board, they know I travel a ton.

    largest in Ohio, 15th largest in the US
    named by many high profile magazines as:

    Top city to do business in
    Top city in America for white collar jobs
    Top city in America for the tech industry
    Top 10 zoos
    Top city for culture
    greatest "neighborohoods in America (short north, arena district)

    I could keep going, but I think you get the mans castle is another mans dump.

    I've been to philly more times than I can count, I think there are some great areas, but there are some nasty areas as well.

    Maybe you need to explore Columbus a ittle more next time you are here. I will certainly help with some tips if you need them.

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  • SpartanTailgate


    Let me translate: wahhhhhhhh. We got some bad calls so we want to leave. Menus, didn't the book that just came out say the criminal Joe pattern wanted to leave the league after a perceived bad call vs Michigan in the late 90's?

    Just get out. You're an average team in an average conference. You're not going to get any better. Your Bball team stands zero chance of winning a title, hockey will be a joke and I dont know about baseball but could care less. Take Larry Johnson and go.

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    YOUR have been banned from reading and posting on the Michigan Wolverine board.

  • Lions247


    If Penn State is average where does that leave MSU? Look, I could understand if you were an OSU fan how you could talk shit. But MSU! MSU is terrible. Always has been. You guys had one good year...last year.....and now you think you can talk shit? Your season two years ago doesnt count as a good season because you clowns lost by about 100 points to Alabama. Would have been 150 if they didnt pull their starters half way through the second quarter. LOL.

    Say what you want to say but Penn State is doing pretty well considering their circumstances. We were completely stagnant under Paterno, yet we still won 9+ games 6 out of the last 7 years. 3 points away from two undefeated season and 2 points away from a trip to the BCS championship in 2008. Where was MSU?

    This year, in the wake of the scandal, we had a top 10 recruiting class, things were looking great. Penn State wasnt stagnant anymore because we had a head coach with a pulse. Interest was huge with Penn State. Then the sanctions hit, we lost some big recruits as well as alot of interest from top players. All of that, we still have a higher average recruit rating rank than MSU and we are only .8 total points behind you guys and you have two more commits....LOL

    On the field, we lost something like 15 players. Two were very good offensive starters, another was our all big ten kicker and the rest of the loses seriously depleted our depth. Yet despite the all the transfers we are still 6-4, 4-2 and MSU is 5-5, 2-4. LOL at MSU again.

    So keep talking your shit. Just realize no matter how bad things are for Penn State. We will never be as sad as MSU is on the football field.

    We still seat 108,000 in our stadium.
    We are still Penn State.
    Its still a great University.
    Great academics.
    Still a ton of tradition.
    A ton of history.

    Interest in 2014 kids is already starting to pick back up, compared to what we had this year. Penn State is not going to stay down forever. You can say what you want to say, but the truth is we are too big, too proud and too strong to be destroyed by this scandal and the NCAA sanctions.

    Enjoy mediocrity at MSU because other than a year here or there, mediocre is all MSU will ever be.

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    BacardiBuckeye: "But in all honesty I like Penn State, I want to see Penn State do good that's why I check this board everyday." 4/2/14

  • SpartanTailgate


    MSU is very average. Very. How else can I say that? Psu is average in an average conference and they want to leave because they get what they think are bad calls. What a bunch of piss ant babies.

    Take your average team throw in your joke of a basketball team whatever you're calling a hockey team and your criminal past and leave. I know MSU's football past and record, I could be dillusional about it like you guys are, but I know suck when I see it. We suck this year, we were average the last couple, maybe we'll be average again next year who knows. I know I dont cry about calls or protect the rep of the biggest criminal coah in big ten history. Your fans want to leave? See you later.

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    YOUR have been banned from reading and posting on the Michigan Wolverine board.

  • That might not be a bad idea, I'll be there next November.

  • Lions247


    Went to OSU for the game last year and I really liked Columbus. A lot of great food.

  • 1. The Big Ten Presidents already had a vote on what to do with Penn State. They fell 2 votes short of dismissing PSU from the conference.

    2. If you got Jim Delaney in a room, off the record, he'd rather kick Penn State out, and bring in Texas, Oklahoma, Okie State to form a 14 team conference.

    3. If the Big Ten kicks Penn State out, they lose the automatic hockey bid.

    What we do know for a fact is that there wasn't any Football National Championships from 1968 until 1994 (Penn State) and then another questionable (at least in some my mind Michigan was the true National Champ) National Title in 1997 (Michigan). Ohio State wins the BCS title in 2002. Is that coincidence? Perhaps. But seems like a good question to ask. Why was there no national titles until Penn State got into the conference?

    My thoughts are well known, I despise the Big Ten, always have. Hated it in 1988 or 1989 when it was announced PSU was joining. Only recently found out that PSU had an ACC invite as well before deciding on the Big Ten.

    For the folks who don't think anyone would pick up PSU if the Big Ten would boot them...very mistaken. The ACC has already sent feelers to PSU, and would take PSU in a nano-second.

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  • Actually Jim Delaney reached out to the NCAA and said that the 5 ineligible kids should play in the Sugar Bowl vs Arkansas. He really pushed for that.

    But there inconsistency annoys me. He goes to bat bigtime for Ohio State, but not Penn State. Fine, I get it, different situations. But Ohio State's ineligible for Bowl, but they get to keep their revenues. Penn State loses theirs. His reasoning: Penn State is ineligible. But so is Ohio State, yet they get to partake in the money split.

    Consistency is key. If you consistently bend over backward for X school and turn your back on Y school, theres going to be a lot of people questioning the motives.

    If Penn State has to give up the bowl revenues, there is no way Ohio State should be able to keep theirs. Fair is fair.

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  • Penn State people saying if they leave for the ACC they would lose $120 Million over 10 years based off the lower revenue stream. That's not including the research $$$

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  • I think there were no national titles between 69-94 because Ohio State and Michigan kept losing in the Rose Bowl everytime they had an chance to win an NC, not because PSU wasn't there.

    It also seems like a waste to spend so much money on Hockey and then join a southern conference that probably doesn't have many hockey schools, just my guess.

    I wouldn't mind letting PSU go if they want to and trying to get Oklahoma, would be an upgrade on overrated program for another.

    I live in Alexandria Va and I see just as many Ohio St, UofM and Wisky fans as I see Penn St fans and I have been to both Philly and Columbus and I would live in Columbus in a heartbeat before I would live in an angry toxic dump like Philly.

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    I'm making this up as I go along.

  • Which is why we are still here. No one is expecting us to leave, we are simply saying that an ACC schedule against regional teams is attractive.

  • Tailgates there are pretty epic.

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    You see that sign that says 'Rib Tips'??