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Phillip Sims out at UVA

  • Let me see if I can understand this? Bama gives QB's offers, but they are not committable offers, they are more like offers that might lead to a committable offer? We are in the running for Park and Cornwall this year and it seems that Park is in the same category as Lambert was and Cornwell might be able to commit but hasn't? Or is he the same boat too? Also saw or read that Saban wants to look at guys than can run more than his previous QB's have been able to do.

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  • I've only heard of them because of this game where we were down 17-0 and won 18-17 on the last play and the Colin Cowherd rant about them. biggrin

    1995: Michigan 18 Virginia 17

    Lloyd Carr's first game as head coach.

    Game played on August 26, 1995 in Ann Arbor.

    1995 Michigan Wolverines Starting Lineups...


    Split End - Amani Toomer
    Split End - Jerame Tuman
    Left Tackle - Jon Runyan
    Left Guard - Zach Adami
    Left Guard - Damon Denson
    Center - Rod Payne
    Right Guard - Joe Marinaro
    Right Tackle - Jon Jansen
    Tight End - Jay Riemersma
    Tight End - Jerame Tuman
    Flanker - Mercury Hayes
    Flanker - Rob Vander Leest
    Quarterback - Brian Griese
    Quarterback - Scott Dreisbach
    Tailback - Tshimanga Biakabutuka
    Tailback - Ed Davis
    Fullback - Chris Floyd
    Fullback - Rob Vander Leest
    Fullback - George Howell
    Fullback - Chris Howard
    Fullback - Mark Campbell


    Defensive Tackle - Trent Zenkewicz
    Defensive Tackle - William Carr
    Defensive Tackle - Ben Huff
    Middle Guard - Willam Carr
    Middle Guard - Jason Horn
    Defensive Tackle - Jason Horn
    Defensive Tackle - Juaquin Feazell
    Defensive End - Glen Steele
    Defensive End - Rasheed Simmons
    Defensive End - Juaquin Feazell
    Outside Linebacker - Mike Elston
    Outside Linebacker - David Bowens
    Outside Linebacker - Steve King
    Inside Linebacker - Jarrett Irons
    Inside Linebacker - Rob Swett
    Inside Linebacker - Sam Sword
    Inside Linebacker - Clint Copenhaver
    Short Cornerback - Clarence Thompson
    Short Cornerback - Woodrow Hankins
    Wide Cornerback - Charles Woodson
    Wide Cornerback - Tyrone Noble
    Strong Safety - Steve King
    Strong Safety - Clarence Thompson
    Free Safety - Chuck Winters
    Free Safety - Marcus Ray
  • Correct. All "offers" are offers to throw in person for CNS. Only once that happens will CNS make a committable offer. Many can look good on tape or in person vs. inferior HS competition. He won't make a true offer until he meets the kid and gets the "warm-n-fuzzy" that the kid has the maturity to handle being the QB at Bama. Not perfect by any means (QB in the OP), but at the very least it pretty much guarantees that we'll always have a QB on the roster that will not single-handedly lose games for us and with an occasional home run (McCarron). Cornwell knows this and seems to not be afraid of the compitition...which is a good sign even if he chooses to go elsewhere.

    In short, the recruiting services rankings don't mean squat to CNS. He prefers to do his own evaluations of QB's.

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    "If 'pro' is the opposite of 'con' what is the opposite of 'progress'?" -- Paul Harvey

  • I did follow the thread. You just weren't clear enough in your write-up. If you're going write about Lambert in a thread about Sims, it helps to specify. For the record, we never gave Lambert a commitable offer. So your point is moot anyway...and wrong.

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    "If 'pro' is the opposite of 'con' what is the opposite of 'progress'?" -- Paul Harvey

  • We're very much the same, we have a 3* Rudolph a 4* Park and a 5* Cornwell that we will be happy to have. We should see all of them this week, unless Cornwell gets the Bama offer and pulls the trigger.

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