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We aren't just committed to college football; we're early enrolling in it.

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We aren't just committed to college football; we're early enrolling in it.

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SEC East better than SEC West

  • I'm responding in general, but I quoted you because I was surprised at the poor play of the LSU line Saturday.

    Now to the general response:

    I think LSU looked awful against a team they should have beaten by 5 TD's, but I'm not willing to use just 1 game to pass judgement.

    That said, I knew Arky would take a step back with the turmoil in the offseason, but they're ridiculously bad. I thought AU would be marginally better than last year, but they're somehow worse. Ole Miss is better than last year, but still laughable. Miss State, IMO, is better than last year, but I'm not going to call them good yet. Tamu, I don't know enough yet.

    USCe looked rough and out of shape to me in the first game, but now they look pretty solid. UGA has had tons of talent for years, and seem to be tougher (finally), so they can beat anyone on a given day. UF is similar to UGA...talent everywhere, but I want to see them get more consistent before I can say they're back. UT has tons of talent on O, but just can't get it together. Vandy can be scrappy, but they're bad. UK is awful. Mizzou is probably on par with Vandy and UT.

    On the whole, I think the east is a little better this year, but they don't have anyone that could beat Bama more than 1/10 times. Before this past weekend, I'd have said the same about them vs. LSU, but maybe I'd say UGA 4/10 against LSU because they can match them physically, and USCe/UF maybe 3/10. The difference is the west is putrid after the top 2...maybe MSU is mediocre...while the east has 3 good teams.

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  • Oh my, my bad on the mistake. But, our d-line is actually very, very good. No one gets to the QB better than we do. If LSu can run the ball effectively against us then I think they'll beat us. But, they'll struggle to throw against us.

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