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We aren't just committed to college football; we're early enrolling in it.

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We aren't just committed to college football; we're early enrolling in it.

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The best WR in the SEC next year will be...

  • BamaOnLine


  • Amari Cooper. Kid is off the chain. He is so clutch. He'll be another Julio Jones in the draft. NFL teams will fight and trade to get him.

  • No offense, but it's still unclear whether Ole Miss will be good or not. Better is not necessarily good. Landing a top 5 recruiting class does not automaticly make you a good team. Haven't you learned anything from USC, Texas and even UF, FSU, Notre Dame, etc, etc? Sure UF, FSU and ND stepped their game up this past season, but they were down for a couple years(some longer) and they always pulled top 5-10 classes. I definitely think Ole Miss will improve, but I'm not ready to call them good until they actually prove something on the field. Honestly, with that talent you just brought in anything less then 9 wins would be a failure imo.

  • Well it is a message board haha, so i will take no offense. I can see your points and i agree with just about all of them. I know that just getting a good class does not make you a good team, but in our case we only had 58 kids on roster last season, so to have a full roster should help tremendously with rotating people in and out. With the way the West sets up this season( I know it is still the SEC and how hard it is to be in it), 2 teams really bring back the majority of their players and that is us and Bama. We know what Bama is going to do, but for the most stable situations in the west the top two have to be Ole Miss and Bama going into this season. Arkansas did get some kids in but still new head coach, new system, so we will see how that goes. MSU lost their best players on Offense and Defense, but should do ok in a rebound. States schedule actually sets them up for a let down in the front half of the schedule. LSU, I have never seen a team be so elite and hasnt had a Quarterback in i cant even remember. So with everone jumping the ship for some reason down there, they should have a little more of a time getting into the swing of things. Although, they have talent to replace the ones who have left. If i were them i would release that stable of running backs they have and they will do better than throwing the ball. Auburn, I am in a wait and see with Malzaun. Im not sure about him yet. Could be great or could be Chizik 2.0.

    So I dont have to go back, I still dont always remember Texas A&M, kinda like when its the new year and you still write the old one. They put themselves, despite who they lost to the NFL, in a better situation than Ole Miss. I am curious about Ole Johnny and how he does in his Sophmore season.

    If i had to rank the west honestly going into the season it would be.

    1 Alabama
    2Texas A&M
    3 Ole Miss/LSU
    4LSU/Ole Miss

    I know Beliema is a good hire, but I still want to see one season on the field. I know this might be a little skewd for each fan base but Tell me what yall think the west lines up like preseason? would love to see the other prospectives on this.