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What's Bethesda's next big release?

  • Ugh. Seriously dude? I have played FO3 and NV like a hundred times apiece. All DLC's. Everything. Not sure why you feel the need to drop a history/education lesson on me. I'm acutely aware of the design of the games.

    Marshall said he doesn't like post apocalyptic stuff. I suggested he try NV first (which OBVIOUSLY is still post-apocalyptic, since it is set AFTER the events of FO3). It's not as centered on the storyline as FO3. It's way more political/philosophically centered, and has little to do with anything in it's predecessor.

    Finally, the actual "setting" of FO3 is irrelevant to me. Find your dad. Shoot bad guys. Turn the water on.

    Hell, the DLC's take you to space, the Swamplands, and Alaska. All are ridiculous and awesome and have no impact on the storyline.

    Is this more clear?

    PS. New Vegas is indeed post-apocalyptic. It DOES apply. The giant radioactive scorpions should've tipped you off.

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  • Congrats on literally being the only person to get offended ITT. I meant the post-apocoliptic backstory doesn't apply here as in "you don't need to play F03 to enjoy NV because although the same, they're very different". I was supporting your post. Also I backed that up by saying the two games play exactly the same but don't have the same storyline at all which again is me supporting your suggestion for Marshall. The rest of my post was just me attempting to have a mature discussion based on a subject were you and I share similar interest. No disrespect or history lesson was intended.

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