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Where the madness isn't just in March.


My Championship Game Pick

  • OK, I nailed the two semifinals so I'm either hot or ready to fail.

    Championship Game: Michigan (31-7) vs. Louisville (34-5, -4, OU 139), 9:23 p.m. tonight -- Michigan reached No. 1 this season for the first time in 20 years before some late-season foibles. Michigan's last title was in 1989, while Louisville last won in 1986. Michigan was only 6-6 in its last 12 games going into the tournament. That string included 2 losses to indiana and 2 to Wisconsin, one to MSU and one to Penn State. The NCAA run has been dominant, other than the OT win over Kansas where the Jayhawks dominated for 30 or 35 mins before falling apart. Trey Burke kind of stole that game. Burke can't have 2 bad games in a row can he? He and UL's Peyton Siva should go back and forth.

    Louisville has won 15 straight since that 5 OT loss at Notre Dame back on Feb. 9. UL was outplayed by Wichita for 30 or 35 mins on Saturday before pulling it out at the end. People complained about the held ball, I thought it was the right call. The Wichita kid curled up in a ball. Louisville must play better than it did the other night to win this game. UL usually very good defensively. Must contain the shooters and Dieng must be on point against McGary. That match-up bears watching. Who can get who into foul trouble?

    Maybe I'm crazy. I just think Michigan's offense and McGary's amazing emergence is what puts the Wolverines over the top.

    Give me Michigan 75, Louisville 71

  • Congrats to Louisville on its win, at least I had the over