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Some rule changes for next season

  • 247Sports


    •The panel approved a change regarding coaches being able to request a monitor review of flagrant fouls. In the women’s game, a coach can request a review of the monitor to determine whether a Flagrant 1 foul for elbow contact or a Flagrant 2 foul occurred. In the men’s game, the change allows coaches to request a review for a potential Flagrant 2 foul that was not detected. If it is determined that no such foul occurred in a men’s or women’s game, the team requesting the monitor review will be charged a timeout. If no timeouts remain, the team is assessed a technical foul for taking too many timeouts.

    •Another approved change centers on the rare “double foul.” In scenarios where two fouls occur of differing penalties, both fouls will be enforced. For example, Player A reaches in and commits a common foul against Player B. Player B responds with an elbow that is considered a Flagrant 1 or Flagrant 2 foul. If in the bonus, both players will shoot free throws with the lane cleared, with Team A shooting last and receiving the ball. Previously, this scenario was considered as offsetting fouls.

    •The panel approved a rules change intended to administer timeouts more efficiently. If a team does not return to the court after the first horn, officials will formally warn the team for delay of game. Any subsequent time that the team is late taking the court for play, the official will make the ball ready for play regardless of whether the team that has received a formal warning is ready. No technical fouls will be assessed in these situations.

    Rules panel approves restricted-area arc for

    The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approves implementing a three-foot restricted area arc where secondary defenders arens three-point line back to 20 feet, 9 inches. news/2011/may/rules panel approves restricted area arc for division i

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