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Will Brad Stevens or Shaka Smart ever leave?

  • 247Sports


    Butler or VCU? Both have had numerous chances to leave and decided to stay put.

    mkillian247 on twitter..... I say a lot of stuff you wont care about.

  • yes. several high profile east coast jobs could be open in the next few years.


  • Horns247


    Ever? Yes, I think they both will someday, but at present nearly every job offered has been one at a big conference school with some serious issues with fanbases, expectations, conference competition, or just way far away from where the families are settled and happy.

    Butler is going to play in a conference with basketball powers and pressures already, and it will be at a bit of a recruiting disadvantage against Georgetown, Marquette, St. John's, and Villanova, if not others. In short, Stevens is now in big conference basketball. It isn't the Big Ten, of course, but it isn't the Horizon League anymore. This makes me think that he might be a lot more amenable to accepting a job at IU, should that ever come available, and I suspect it will before Stevens hits 50. Is there another job that would pull him away from the Indianapolis area? Hard to say.

    Smart is still in a conference mostly of lesser lights in basketball, not that the new Big East doesn't have its share of poor programs at present in DePaul, Seton Hall, and maybe on the rise Providence, but even those Big East schools have more going for them than A-10 schools like Fordham and Duquesne. I can still envision him eventually leaving for a perfect fit somewhere, because he appears to be less connected to the community than Stevens, even if he is presently perfectly happy with his situation.

    It will be interesting to see how the new Big East and the now A-10 develop. The two conference should be natural rivals, since they are in overlapping geographical areas, they both lack D I football, and they both largely lack big state supported universities (VCU and UMass, and to a lesser extent URI, being the exceptions).

    More power to those guys if they stay where they are because they are happy there, but I do think they day will come when both move on, even if neither moves very far.

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