Live from 'The Opening'

247Sports has a large group of analysts and reporters, including JC Shurburtt (@jcshurburtt), Gerry Hamilton (@GerryH247sports), Barton Simmons (@bartonsimmons), Steve Wiltfong (@SWiltfong247), Justin Hopkins (@JHopkins247), Keith Niebuhr (@Niebuhr247), Josh Newberg (@joshnewberg247), Charles Power (@CharlesGPower) and Jamie Oakes (@JamieOakes247) in Beaverton, Ore., for 'The Opening' this week (July 5-8).

Click the link for live scoop, analysis and answers to your questions throughout the event.

Link: Live from The Opening

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  • Youngsters a legend on our board.. Barny would be jealous, trying to guide the young fella, Future Nova without the knowledge,lol

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  • Heat3x....

    Arkansas high school football is NOT good. Heck, Arkansas [The University] has probably less than 10 offers to players in the state. As I stated yesterday, Grayson and Walton football teams individually/alone have more 4-5 star players than the entire state of Arkansas.

    Take a look at the top 50 & top 100 times in the 100m dash in Arkansas in 2012. This is a more "objective" method to compare that overall speed and to some extent athleticism of the states.

    Top 50: 11.25
    Top 100: 11.44

    ****Tenpenny ran 11.50 this 2012 Season

    Top 50: 10.86
    Top 100: 10.98

    ****Jones ran 11.04 in 2011 and 11.08 in 2012

    Those numbers say the same thing about Arkansas vs Georgia as do the 247Sports Rankings. Georgia is the SEC to Arkansas' Conference USA. Yet these sites give a RB playing in Arkansas more credit for less production in a state with less than average high school football? Really? Guys my logical, reasoning skills have waned.

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    You get out of it what you put into it!

  • You seriously have no clue about evaluating football players. ZERO!

    You get out of it what you put into it!

  • 247Sports


    So BBD I know you have some clear opinions about 7 vs 7 and these type of camps. I remember you saying that certain positions don't matter at camps at all and shouldn't affect rankings of prospects at all. What positions should and should not be evaluated at these camps?

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  • Taped some of the events from the weekend and I also noticed that Derrick Green nor Tenpenny seemed to be natural "pluckers"/hand catchers. They both seemed to be trying to "body" catch. Seems that some of the bigger/downhill RBs lack that "hand-catching" skill. I also noticed the same lack of ball-skills from the big-time 2014 RB Fournette out of Louisiana. Saw him at the Rivals 5 Star Challenge here in ATL. Big, physical, fast kid but he also lacked top-level pass-catching skills.

    These pass catching skills are why I like the other 4 RBs you listed as it is tough to stop a RB that can beat you in a myriad of ways.

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    You get out of it what you put into it!

  • I think you can get a fairly good assessment of the skill level of QBs (Pro-Style), WRs, and DBs as the skills displayed in camp translate pretty well to the field.

    You can also evaluate LBs in terms of pass defense skills. Can't really measure their physicality and ability to hold-up against the running game.

    Typically, I don't think you can effectively evaluate OL/DL beyond athleticism. However, the Opening did have the guys [from states which allowed them to] compete in pads. Much better evaluation for lineman in pads.

    You can evaluate RBs in terms of pass catching but some of the more physical RBs (Derrick Green, Fournette) can't really showcase their power/strength in this enviroment. Essentially, the primary objective of a RB is to avoid tackles either via speed, elusiveness, or strength/power....and thus the primary objective of a RB can't be evaluated in a camp setting without pads.

    I do believe SPARQ gives an accurate assessment of an athletes "raw" athletic skills but raw athletic ability doesn't necessarily mean good football player. There is this dude in one of my flag football leagues that I know can run a hand-timed high 4.2x/electronically low 4.3x. Dude is muscular and shredded but he is NOT even 1 of the top 10 players in our flag football league as he can't catch and he lacks agility/shiftiness. Dude would beat everyone in our league in a SPARQ but he is not a great football player. Even in tackle football his "raw" athletic skill wouldn't translate favorably to the football field.

    I do think All-Purpose RBs or RBs that show great ball/pass catching skills in a camp can get a bump as that skill directly translates onto the football field. However, there is no way I'd bump a RB "just because" of a SPARQ score as I know several "raw" freak athletes that are NOT very skilled in terms of being a football player. I do think a high SPARQ from a recruit should cause analysts to go back and re-evaluate a RBs film more closely but "raw" athleticism alone doesn't mean you can carry the rock at a high level.

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    You get out of it what you put into it!

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    Agree for the most part. So are you saying OJ should or should not get a bump due to this camp. You mentioned QBs, WRs, and DBs but not TEs. Just curious.

    BTW I agree with you on the RBs part just about the whole way.

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