Who will get the twins?

Saying the college announcement at 5 p.m. Eastern today by Aaron Harrison and Andrew Harrison is the biggest announcement since the modern day coverage of basketball recruiting is not an overstatement.

Aaron Harrison has a pure deep-range stroke.

The two critical factors are: One, either Kentucky, Maryland or SMU will get the No. 2 and No. 3-ranked prospects in the country, and have a national championship backcourt set with the top point guard and shooting guard in the country.

Two, which school they are going to pick hasn't yet leaked into the public. There is legitimate and immense suspense leading into the decision.

SMU is the wildcard due to the Larry Brown factor.

Maryland has family ties to the coaching staff and the area and the Under Armour shoe deal connection.

Kentucky has ties to the family and all the recent prestige of the program and success with elite prospects like the Harrisons.

Most have the decision down to Maryland and Kentucky with SMU in the too little, too late category. Some speculate that the twins favor Kentucky and the father favors Maryland. Others feel that the father is letting it float that he leans towards Maryland to save grace with Under Armour, who sponsored his AAU team and also sponsors Maryland.

Regardless, the prevalent assumption is that the twins favor Kentucky. Aaron and Andrew are not lacking in confidence and they crave the enormous stage and bright spotlight that Kentucky can provide. They have been thinking NBA since they hit the national AAU scene prior to even being in high school. John Calipari has built a program that is custom built to satisfy these desires.

But then perhaps the twins would like to make their mark at Maryland and spark a resurgence in the proud basketball program there. It certainly isn't a challenge that they would be afraid of taking on.

In the end this will be remembered as one of the epic recruiting battles of recent time. Everyone is uncertain what the pick will be and certain that it was a nip and tuck battle.

All along I've felt Kentucky was the team to beat in this recruitment. I haven't been persuaded yet to feel differently. With the announcement being moved up ahead of the twins potential visit to Maryland for Midnight Madness, I lean even a little more towards Kentucky.

It won't be long before we find out if I'm leaning the right direction.

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