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Wiggins: His game and recruitment

The basketball recruiting world will finally get the answer on Tuesday to this recruiting season's most asked question: Where will Andrew Wiggins go to school?

There is no denying the elite athleticism of Andrew Wiggins.

Around 12:15 Eastern on Tuesday Wiggins will cast his lot with either Florida State, Kansas, Kentucky or North Carolina.

Florida State and Kentucky have recruited Wiggins vigorously over the long haul and are still considered the favorites by most pundits. Kansas and North Carolina entered the picture during this high school basketball season when Wiggins announced that he was open to other schools recruiting him. Both Kansas and North Carolina are considered dark horses in the race for Wiggins.

The No. 1 ranked prospect by 247Sports and in the 247Composite, Wiggins possesses difference making athleticism. At 6-8, 195-pounds he will play the three and the four offensively, but his greatest trait in college will be his defensive prowess. He is capable of defending all five positions on the court, and will be an absolute defensive stopper against any high scorer at the one through the four.

Offensively, Wiggins is still a work in progress in half court situations, but there are few that can keep up with him in transition. His shooting and ball handling skills are steadily improving, but the main question about his game is whether or not they will be at a high enough level during his one year in college for him to have an elite impact as an offensive player.

It is his incredibly high ceiling that makes Wiggins such an attractive prospect- the Wiggins that will likely come to fruition in the NBA after his one year in college.

If Florida State were to land Wiggins, he wouldn't have the pressure of playing in the intense limelight of the other three "blue blood" schools, but he would have the pressure of carrying a team on his back. Nonetheless, many pundits, including myself, consider Florida State the favorite to land Wiggins.

Both his parents attended Florida State and his teammate and friend Xavier Rathan-Mayes has signed with the Seminoles. Leornard Hamilton and his staff have made Wiggins their top recruiting priority his entire high school career.

Kentucky has also been there over the long haul and has a compelling recruiting argument with its success with one and done type NBA talents. Kentucky also already has a historically epic recruiting class in place. Does Wiggins want to join this group and in a way be just another player alongside six other five-star recruits? Is there the right type of chemistry between these recruits and Wiggins? Do these recruits even want Wiggins to join them?

Kansas and North Carolina have certainly made in roads recruiting Wiggins during the season, but did they make enough progress to overcome his original top two schools? Most pundits don't think so.

A quiet person who has played his recruitment close to the vest, Wiggins will answer the first question concerning the college career on Tuesday. The rest will begin to be answered when he hits the court with either Florida State, Kansas, Kentucky or North Carolina in the fall.

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