Indy v MSU: rankings & experience

The well publicized recruiting efforts of Kentucky aren’t paying off this season. But the recruiting efforts of Indiana and Michigan State, who square off tonight, are paying off on the court.

Let’s take a look at the composite rankings (using the version of the RSCI) and experience of the prominent players for Indiana and Michigan State.


Jordan Hulls- No. 75 ranking, Senior, 28.7 minutes per game

Cody Zeller – No. 12 ranking, Sophomore, 28.4 minutes per game

Victor Oladipo – No. 146 ranking, Junior, 27.6 minutes per game

Yogi Ferrell – No. 24 ranking, Freshman, 27.5 minutes per game

Christian Watford – No. 38 ranking, Senior, 27.3 minutes per game

Will Sheehey – No. 145 ranking, Junior, 22.3 minutes per game

Remy Abell – NR (below No. 188), Sophomore, 13.2 minutes per game

Jeremy Hollowell – No. 38 ranking, Freshman, 10.5 minutes per game


Keith Appling – No. 36 ranking, Junior, 33.5 minutes per game

Gary Harris – No. 18 ranking, Freshman, 28.5 minutes per game

Branden Dawson – No. 19 ranking, Sophomore, 27.4 minutes per game

Derrick Nix – No. 80 ranking, Senior, 27.1 minutes per game

Adreian Payne – No. 21 ranking, Junior, 23.7 minutes per game

Denzel Valentine – No. 96 ranking, Freshman, 21.3 minutes per game

Travis Trice – NR (below No. 188), Sophomore, 20.2 minutes per game

Breakdown of rankings and experience

Five-star prospects: Indiana (2), Michigan State (3)

Four-star prospects: Indiana (3), Michigan State (3)

Ranked three-star prospects: Indiana (2), Michigan State (0)

Unraked three-star prospects: Indiana (1), Michigan State (1)

Seniors: Indiana (2), Michigan State (1)

Juniors: Indiana (2), Michigan State (2)

Sophomores: Indiana (2), Michigan State (2)

Freshmen: Indiana (2), Michigan State (2)

Bottom Line

Both teams have balance throughout the ranking spectrum and classifications in their line ups.

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