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Core 6 Athletes Goes West

Over the last three years, Core 6 Athletes has become a major brand name as both a training ground and 7-on-7 program for top football prospects in the Chicagoland area.

Blue-chip QB Kyle Allen to QB the Core 6 West team.

Many college coaches have definitely noticed and regularly contact President/CEO Paul Szczesny about the players that work out at his facility, which includes the likes of Top100 prospects Clifton Garrett, Jamarco Jones and Nyles Morgan, along with several other touted recruits including Ohio State defensive line commit Dylan Thompson and Hinsdale (Ill.) Central teammates Brian Allen and Ian Bunting.

It likely won’t be long before Core 6 Athletes has the same impact in the West, beginning this weekend at an IMG Regional competition.

Szczesny has branched his business out to Arizona and Core 6 West will play in its first 7-on-7 tournament this weekend.

“It’s pretty exciting,” Szczesny said. The former Indiana linebacker also played at Pima Community College in Tucson, Ariz. “Especially spending a lot of time in Arizona, I lived there for a while and went to school out there and I think it’s a good opportunity for everyone involved because I think our athletes will get more opportunities on the West Coast as we continue to build (college) connections out there, and the West Coast athletes will have another network with the Midwest and East Coast coaches we know.”

Szczesny’s right-hand man in Arizona is current NFL receiver Brian Hernandez, who also played at Pima C.C. before heading to Utah.

“It’s real exciting,” Hernandez said. “I really enjoy being around the athletes and coaching and staying involved in the game is definitely something I want to do, and having this opportunity come up is real exciting.”

Lending a huge hand to Hernandez in helping Core 6 West is former Arizona Wildcats running back Charles Levy, who went on to play five seasons in the NFL.

The Core 6 West team took no time in loading up on talent. Some of the notable names on the roster include Top50 quarterback Kyle Allen, Top100 receiver Mark Andrews, Top125 receiver Jalen Brown, athlete Dominique Fenstermacher and very talented 2015 athlete Christian Kirk.

“We also have some kids under the radar that can really play,” Hernandez said.

Under the radar is what Szczesny is looking to change.

“The network itself has gotten bigger,” he stated.

For more on Core 6 Athletes, visit their website here.

  • BlueandGold


    That answers my questions about Andrews and Allen talking about playing for Core6. OSU's coaching staff has to be doing backflips. With the relationship they've built with Core6 they've just hit pay dirt out West. UM and ND's staff really missed a golden opportunity by not latching on with Core6 from the get go..

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  • 247Sports

    Justin Hopkins

    Huge opportunity for a state budding with talent. Very good move for Core6 to take advantage.

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  • 247Sports

    Steve Wiltfong

    I disagree with your assessment that Core 6 is an Ohio State feeder program. A look at last year's commit list per the Core 6 Website. Looks like the wealth was spread.

    Laquon Treadwell WR- Ole Miss

    Caleb Bailey Linebacker - Western Michigan

    Jalen Banks Defensive Back - Vanderbilt

    Ethan Pocic Offensive Lineman - LSU Tigers

    Jaylen Dunlap Defensive Back- Illinois

    Logan Tillman Offensive Lineman - University of Michigan

    Colin McGovern Offensive Lineman - Notre Dame

    Dillon Cazley Defensive Back - University of Illinois

    Kendrick Foster Running Back - University of Illinois

    Reggie Spearman Linebacker - Iowa

    Colin Goebel Offensive Lineman - Iowa

    Nick Severs Offensive lineman - Iowa State

    Matt Finnin Offensive Lineman - Nebraska

    Boston Mathews Offensive Lineman - University of Toledo

    Demetrius Cooper Defensive End- Michigan State

    Tim McAuliffe Offensive Lineman - Bowling Green

    Khari BaileyDefensive Lineman - Western Michigan

    Hugh Masterson Offensive Lineman - Georgetown

    Mason Darrow Offensive Lineman - Princeton

    Nathan Bossory TE - Air Force

    Jameer Thurman DB – Indiana State

    Joe Kupcikevicius Offensive Lineman – South Dakota State

    Charlie Melka Defensive Lineman – Columbia

    Yes Coach Vrabel spoke at the Core 6 banquet. Yes the Buckeyes have a great relationship with Core 6 and they have one committed this year in Dylan Thompson and are in great shape with Clifton Garrett and Jamarco Jones but Garrett and Jones have visited OSU several times on their own and just once with Core 6.

    Along with Ohio State, Michigan and Notre Dame are two programs that also had top-five classes last year. I'd say all three schools know what they're doing when it comes to recruiting.

    Steve Wiltfong National Recruiting Analyst!/profile.php?id=50063

  • BlueandGold


    How many times has Core 6 personally taken players to ND or UM? I know for sure they've taken Garrett and Jones to OSU at least 2 times probably more than that. How many visits did Thompson make? Pocic was another one from last year that visited numerous times. Most knew/felt he wanted to go to UM or ND, but both filled up quickly. As you pointed out by listing all those names Core 6 is has a lot of kids, but how many of those were offered by OSU or the other 2 big schools in the Midwest? Core 6 takes kids to Columbus not Ann Arbor or South Bend. Good move by Urbs and OSU getting in on Core 6 while ND and UM didnt. Would say the buddy system is in effect. Urbs lent his name/brand to Core 6 and Core 6 has benefited and grown immensely since that time as your article points out. Core 6 appreciates that and visits Columbus a lot. Smart business by both parties involved.

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  • Wolverine247


    Pretty sure Todd Howard a former UM player now works with Core 6

  • Oh good god......urban and osu helped build core6....what a joke. So did urban help build their relations out west as well? And ur point about wether or not those last year had osu offers; you thinking that they would all be buckeyes than??? The success of their players is what is building the brand along with the work of the staff....NOT osu and urban

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