Irvin Jr. making name for himself

PLANO, Texas – Plano Prestonwood Christian may play in the private schools ranks of the state of Texas but the Lions are incredibly competitive and feature prospects such as Top247 linebacker Mike Mitchell and Ole Miss tight end commit Christian Morgan. The team moved 6-0 on the year after defeating Dallas Bishop Dunne 41-13 on Friday evening.

Michael Irvin Jr. is on the radar for the Class of 2016.

One of the standouts for the Lions in that victory was a freshman wide receiver who caught five passes for 53 yards, including a 23-yard touchdown reception. Though it is rare for freshmen to play, yet less start, on varsity, Michael Irvin Jr. certainly has the skillset and pedigree to do so.

The son of former Miami Hurricane and Dallas Cowboy great Michael Irvin, the talented young prospect already stands at 6-foot-2 and 195 pounds. The Hall of Fame receiver enjoys getting to watch his son in the spotlight.

“It’s the ultimate joy,” the elder Irvin said. “It’s Friday night football. Friday night football in Texas is equal to Friday night football in Florida. If we’re not in Florida, where I would love to have him growing up, there is no better place than Texas because football means so much here. Those are the football states – Florida, Texas, California. I was fortunate enough to live in two of them so I’m blessed that way.”

The senior Irvin sees a lot of himself in his son but also knows he is still young and learning the game.

“Well I hope so. That’s what we watch and pattern,” he said as to his son having the same type of game as him. “It’s exciting to see him out there. He’s a big kid and I try to talk to him about coming off the press, getting in and out of routes and things like that. We’re in the formidable years though. He’s young. He hasn’t been playing wide receiver a lot of years because, as you play little league, they won’t let you carry the ball if you’re heavier. He was a big kid and he’s still a big kid.

“I just tell him to keep working on his game right now. ‘Don’t get caught up in all these rankings. Don’t even get caught up in personal battles. You just want to personally get better every day.”

With recruiting getting earlier and earlier and the fact that he has a famous name, fans have already started talking about Irvin Jr. However, the family is not even thinking of that process yet.

“Michael’s just a freshman,” Irvin Sr. said. “He’s just a freshman right now so we’re not worried about the recruiting process. We’re working on him maintaining his game and trying to be the best that he can be – on the field and in the classroom, understanding the responsibilities of being a leader and his responsibility to his team.

“All of that stuff – recruiting and where people have him ranked – I’m not going to worry about that stuff. It doesn’t matter if you’re ranked No. 1, 2, 3, 10, 20, 40, 50 right now, you’ve just got to play ball, enjoy the game and get your work done in school. In the end, all that will work itself out.”

While he does not want to focus on the recruiting process, the Miami native definitely has a preferred destination for his son when the time comes.

“My exact words to Mike were this – ‘There are some choices God gives us and some He doesn’t.’ He can’t choose his mom, his dad, his brothers or sisters or what school he goes to. Everything else, he can choose. He WILL go to the University of Miami,” Irvin Sr. said laughing.

Taylor Hamm contributed to this report.

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