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Breaking down Dobbs

ALPHARETTA, Ga. – One of the top senior risers in the class of 2013 is Arizona State quarterback commitment Joshua Dobbs (Alpharetta, Ga.). The 6-foot-3, 185-pound strong-armed quarterback has amassed more than 3,000 passing yards with one contest left in the regular season.

Joshua Dobbs was a standout at the Elite 11 quarterback camp this summer and has been a standout on the high school football field this fall. His head coach believes that he is playing his best football right now.

While the numbers and arm strength are certainly impressive, it’s what is in-between the ears that most impresses Alpharetta head coach Jason Dukes along with all of the other qualities.

“Josh is a very heady player,” Dukes said. “A very smart player. He’s a natural passer. He has a lot of pocket presence and understands his progressions. One of the biggest differences now between last year is he is letting the game come to him a little bit more. Before, he was a little hesitant to take off and run, but now has developed that clock you always talk about a quarterback having in his head. He understands when people are down the field and covered, there is a lot of open ground if you step up in the pocket and run. He’s done a phenomenal job of that, and the elimination of mistakes.”

According to Dukes, the there have been vast improvements with Dobbs from his junior to senior season.

“He’s improved by leaps and bounds,” Dukes said. “It’s the little things – the leadership. Last year, he was a leader by example, and it’s pretty easy to lead when you can do amazing things on the field. This year, he’s more vocal and making other players around him better. He’s raising the expectations of players around him, and their expectations of themselves.”

Like taking steps as a leader, the No. 102 prospect in the 2013 Top247 continues to improve on his footwork and reads.

“Of course, we are always working on footwork and proper drops,” Dukes said. “Sometimes when you are a quarterback and making pre-snap reads, there is a tendency to want to get the ball out of the hand quick without making the proper read. We’ve worked on taking proper steps in a drop, making proper reads and understanding that you may not get to the third and fourth option, and then taking off with the ball with the intent of getting yards with proper ball security. He’s done a great job with that.”

Dobbs, who remains committed to Arizona State while considering Mississippi State and others, has the ability to take the Alpharetta offense and audible at the line of scrimmage, but the coaching staff would prefer him not have to worry about that on the high school level.

“Running the offense we do, his chance to make plays comes with making the correct read,” Dukes said. “It’s not that he can’t handle making checks at the line, but if we can take that off his plate and give him a play that he can know where to go with the ball, it takes that burden off of him at the high school level because it’s harder to get everyone on that same page all the time. We want him to play fast, instinctual football and not burden him with too much stuff in high school. We do have plays with option reads, plays where if we get a certain look, he can throw it or run it.”

One aspect of Dobbs game that Dukes mentioned multiple times in a 10-minute interview was the two-sport stars ability to play on the move.

“The truth of it is Josh does a lot of things really well,” he said. “The thing that really impresses me is his overall is his arm strength and it really shows on the run. We roll him out art times, rolling him both away and to, and he does a fantastic job of that accurately and athletically.”

Even though the budding football and baseball star is a standout on the field and diamond, it’s the response he receives from college coaches that gives Dukes the most pride in his star pupil.

“A lot of the college coaches come to me after taking to Josh and ask is he for real? Is he really that nice and smart of a kid? All I can say is yes, he is as advertised. Having played at the college level and been around a lot of players, he’s as much of a can’t miss kid as one can have. That is both academically, athletically and socially; and as a human being with great character.

“He’s a great kid.”

247Sports ranks Dobbs as the nation’s No. 102 overall prospect and No. 8 pro-style quarterback nationally. He is rated as a 94, which equates to four stars. According to the 247Composite, which equally weighs rankings and ratings from recruiting media outlets, Dobbs checks in as the No. 200 overall prospect and No. 12 pro-style quarterback nationally and No. 19 in the state of Georgia. He is rated 0.91742, which equates to four stars.

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