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Embiid & outliers in 2013 Composite

The 2013 247Composite has been updated, and here is a look at the outliers in the rankings which include Kansas recruit Joel Embiid.

Joel Embiid is on a quick learning curve.

Link to 2013 247Composite ranking

Mamadou Ndiaye (No. 14 247Sports/ No. 97 247Composite)
Cal-Irvine recruit: Ndiaye is 7-5 and has some offense. Most likely will either thrive or bust.

Roddy Peters (No. 19 247Sports/ No. 37 247Composite)
Maryland recruit: Has great length for position and ability to get to the rim.

Joel Embiid (No. 30 247Sports/ No. 91 247Composite)
Kansas recruit: Hasn’t been playing basketball long and is rapidly improving.

Anthony Barber (No. 38 247Sports/ No. 21 247Composite)
North Carolina State recruit: Quickness is his only five-star attribute.

Aquille Carr (No. 40 247Sports/ No. 64 247Composite)
Seton Hall recruit: Despite his size, Carr is a continuous playmaker.

Detrick Mostella (No. 43 247Sports/ No. 65 247Composite)
Oklahoma State recruit: Few guards in the class have a burst with the ball like Mostella does.

Damian Jones (No. 45 247Sports/ No. 90 247Composite)
Vanderbilt recruit: Will give the Commodores unfamiliar athleticism on the frontline.

Anthony January (No. 46 247Sports/ No. 95 247Composite)
Undecided: January provides everything you would want from a combo forward.

Demetrius Jackson (No. 50 247Sports/ No. 25 247Composite)
Notre Dame recruit: Blue bloods began sniffing late in the summer and ranking moved up in the Industry.

Matt Jones (No. 53 247Sports/ No. 32 247Composite)
Duke recruit: Jones can shoot it, but is his overall game being overvalued by the Industry.

Tyler Ennis (No. 54 247Sports/ No. 29 247Composite)
Syracuse recruit: Ennis is smooth with the ball but is he explosive enough?

Rysheed Jordan (No. 58 247Sports/ No. 39 247Composte)
Undecided: Jordan’s game is based on penetrating, but how explosive with the ball is he?

Nate Britt Jr. (No. 59 247Sports/ No. 106 247Composite)
North Carolina recruit: Britt was certainly over ranked early in his career, but has the Industry dropped him too low?

Jordan Bell (No. 63 247Sports/ No. 103 247Composite)
Oregon recruit: Players with Bell’s athleticism make a difference.

Derek Willis (No. 64 247Sports/ No. 128 247Composite)
Kentucky recruit: Willis is long and skilled, but needs some time to mature.

Devon Hall (No. 65 247Sports/ No. 119 247Composite)
Virginia recruit: Hall has a solid four-star game from 247Sports’ perspective.

Bronson Koenig (No. 70 247Sports/ No. 113 247Composite)
Wisconsin recruit: He was the rage when Roy Williams was recruiting him but then sank in Industry rankings.

Frank Mason (No. 79 247Sports/ No. 126
Kansas recruit: Mason isn’t a sexy recruit, but his game is effective and he is a winner.

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