Klein: NBA Draft Best Available

Here is our final look at the NBA Draft Best Available Index, which focuses on the best college players available to NBA teams this draft.

Victor Oladipo's name will be called early on draft night.

We evaluated the prospects looking at five key variables:






NBA Draft Index- Version 4.0

1) Victor Oladipo, 6-4 G Indiana
Stock: Even

Immediate impact as a perimeter defender who will evolve into an all-star caliber player. He has an unlimited motor and work ethic. Strong workouts have his confidence soaring. He is the best player in the draft.

2) Otto Porter Jr., 6-8 F Georgetown
Stock: Even

Scouts love his multi-dimensional abilities...perimeter defense, passing, mid-range game. He’s younger than Anthony Bennett and Ben McLemore while accomplishing more in college. He now brings the complete package with high character to the NBA.

3) Nerlens Noel 7-0 C Kentucky
Stock: Up

Long term, there’s no denying his potential. He outscores the field with his youth, quickness and length. His frame is the concern along with how raw his offensive game currently is. Pair him with a good point guard and unleash him in the open court and all the offensive concerns will fade.

4) Cody Zeller 7-0 C Indiana
Stock: Up

He has the athleticism, skill and length to be a factor on the next level. Does he have the “overdrive”, the intensity to bring it all the time or will passive tendencies shown this season, continue to plague him?

5) Trey Burke, 5-11 G Michigan
Stock: Down

Anyone who saw Burke dominate college basketball this season at 5-foot-11 without NBA physical assets knows that he has the killer instinct and the desire to figure it out on the next level. Looks to flourish in pick-n-roll scheme. Teams will regret passing on him in this Draft as rumors swirl of him sliding to late lottery.

6) Anthony Bennett 6-7 F UNLV
Stock: Up

Injury concerns are justified along with “tweener” label. There is no question in my mind that Bennett has a long and very productive NBA career. When he improves his ball-handling and extends his shooting range, he’s going to take the league by storm. His upside is as high as anyone on the board.

7) Alex Len 7-1 C Maryland
Stock: Down

A jack of all trades yet master of none, the long, mobile post player is in the conversation as the No. 1 overall pick. Teams are intrigued with his pick-n-pop ability and promise. Former Orlando Magic scouting guru, Tom Conrad, sees Len as the unequivocal top pick and one that will spend a decade in the league.

8) Jamaal Franklin 6-5 G San Diego State
Stock: Up

Just back on the court for workouts after missing a month, Franklin is a fierce competitor with great length, tremendous motor and athleticism. There hasn’t been a time in which he wasn’t the best player on the court. Looks like late first round and if that’s the case, he’s the steal of the Draft.

9) Ben McLemore 6-5 G Kansas
Stock: Down

Feast or famine much of this season, McLemore has teased NBA execs with true two-guard talent. His athletic quotient is where it needs to be but does he have the motor and the intensity to be great at the pro level? He could really benefit from some veteran leadership and a great developmental environment. Easy minutes could hurt his long-term skew, needing to earn them, could bring out the fire!

10) CJ McCollom 6-3 G Lehigh
Stock: Up

Closing in to be the first point guard drafted, McCollom brings savvy and unlimited shooting range to the table. Tops in the draft in shooting percentage, scoring efficiency (points per possession), spot-up situations and in pick-n-roll sets. Execs feel he should transition well despite average athleticism.

Upside Plays

1) Tony Snell 6-7 G New Mexico

Emerging prospect continues to impress and has worked his way into the first round. True perimeter defender, who is explosive with the basketball.

2) Reggie Bullock 6-7 G/F North Carolina

There is always a home to be found for guys who can really stick it and that is what Bullock can do. Toughness must be addressed. Has the physical tools to be a much better defender than he showed in college.

3) Erik Murphy 6-10 F Florida

There is “Stretch Four” written all over him. He’s a terrific shooter, playing for the best college offense to transition to the NBA from. Shot 45 percent from beyond the arc and was one of the more efficient players in the SEC.

Leigh Klein was formerly on staff at Texas and Rhode Island and now owns Five-Star Basketball Camps, the nation’s top basketball camp. He contributes to 247Sports.com’s coverage of college basketball and he is a frequent guest on radio shows across the nation. Klein can be followed at @LeighAlanKlein

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