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EJ Manuel was one of the surprises of the first round, but his draft position is close to his high school ranking.

We break down the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft and 247Sports analysts give their take on what they might have seen in these players back when they were prospects still in high school.

1. Kansas City Chiefs

The Pick: Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan
247Composite Ranking: N/A 2-star (Class of 2009) more
As a prospect: “Throughout most of his high school career, Fisher lined up at punter and outside linebacker. As a senior, in an effort to seize any opportunity to play on the next level, Fisher moved over to offensive line. He chose Central Michigan over an offer from Eastern Michigan.” – Barton Simmons – 247Sports National Recruiting Analyst

2. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Pick: Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M
247Composite Ranking: Four-star, No. 54 overall, No. 7 OT, No. 8 in state of Texas (Class of 2010)
As a prospect: “I learned a great lesson when scouting Luke Joeckel. He was a kid that didn’t have freakish size or athleticism but he was big enough and he was athletic enough, and boy was he effective. I saw him compete against a really good defensive line group at the Dallas Nike Camp but where he really showed me he was special was when he dominated the competition at the Under Armour game. While I pushed for him to get into the 30s nationally, he obviously should have been a five-star type guy.” – Barton Simmons – 247Sports National Recruiting Analyst

“He had incredible size even back then and moved his feet really well. He was a bit inconsistent at times as he sometimes had trouble with quicker defenders but his athleticism was very apparent. He was flat out dominant during the Under Armour practices but I still don't think anybody could have quite expected him to turn into the player he did.” - Brian Perroni – 247Sports Recruiting Analyst

3. Miami Dolphins (Trade from Oakland)

The Pick: Dion Jordan, OLB, Oregon
247Composite Ranking: Four-star, No. 216 overall, No. 4 weakside defensive end, No. 3 in state of Arizona (Class of 2008)

4. Philadelphia Eagles

The Pick: Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma
247Composite Ranking: N/A (Class of 2009)
As a prospect: “While it’s not out of the usual for tight ends to become NFL offensive tackles, Johnson’s path was one step more circuitous. The 6-6, 300-pounder was a high school quarterback with no offers who went the junior college route where he had a statistically unproductive year at Kilgore Junior College. His athleticism earned him an opportunity at Oklahoma where Johnson redshirted his first year only to have a limited impact at tight end and defensive end in 2010. By 2011, he had made the move to offensive tackle and over the next two seasons, evolved into one of the most athletic linemen in the country.” – Barton Simmons – 247Sports National Recruiting Analyst

“Johnson came out of small Southeast Texas town Groveton as a 6-foot-5, 220-pound quarterback prospect. He not only began his college career as a quarterback at Kilgore Junior College, but played as a freshman having grown almost an inch to the tune of more than 500 yards passing. One of the most rare prospects in that he started his college career as a signal caller, spent time at tight end that same spring, began his career at Oklahoma as a tight end before moving to defensive end, right tackle and finally left tackle. When talking about rare, playing five positions in college certainly defines the word.” – Gerry Hamilton – 247Sports National Director of Scouting

5. Detroit Lions

The Pick: Ezekiel Ansah, DE, BYU
247Composite Ranking: N/A (Class of 2008)
As a prospect: “In a first round full of interesting journeys, Ansah’s takes the cake. A non-scholarship student at BYU hailing from Ghana, Ansah tried out unsuccessfully for the basketball team in both 2008 and 2009. He also had a stint in 2009 on the track squad but ultimately found his way to the football offices, walking on to the team in 2010. Two years later, he had learned the rules of the game and how to strap on his equipment. At a bulked up 6-5, 275 pounds, he has become the most unique story in the 2013 draft.” – Barton Simmons – 247Sports National Recruiting Analyst

6. Cleveland Browns

The Pick: Barkevious Mingo, OLB, LSU
247Composite Ranking: Four-star, No. 162 overall, No. 11 outside linebacker, No. 7 in Louisiana (Class of 2009)
As a prospect: “Mingo’s speed and explosiveness off the edge was never a question. He was a rare kid that came from a program that produced polished players in West Monroe but he was clearly an upside play. The question was ‘is he too skinny?’ At 6-5 and under 200 pounds, it was hardly a given that he’d be able to translate to the SEC. I remember specifically when all doubt was removed for me, it was when he was competing at the US Army bowl and as a 6-5 defensive end, he was lining up at gunner on the punt team and he was whipping whoever tried to block him. Never bet against a guy who’s talented that just needs to add weight, particularly if length is there.” – Barton Simmons – 247Sports National Recruiting Analyst

“Mingo was a guy that many felt had first round potential coming out of West Monroe. They just did not know what position he would fill. Four years later, those same questions have now followed him from college to the next level. There is no denying his size, speed and athleticism, and after having to play defensive end at LSU he finally gets to settle in at his natural position - outside linebacker.” – Sonny Shipp – Geaux247

7. Arizona Cardinals

The Pick: Jonathan Cooper, OG, North Carolina
247Composite Ranking: Three-star, No. 368 overall, No. 22 offensive guard, No. 11 in North Carolina (Class of 2008)
As a prospect: “Went to Wilmington, N.C., and saw Cooper in high school. His athleticism and high football I.Q. stood out at the time, then at the Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas that year he was dominant. Several programs thought he was elite, elite." – JC Shurburtt – 247Sports Director of Recruiting

8. St. Louis Rams (Trade from Buffalo)

The Pick: Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia
247Composite Ranking: Four-star, No. 164 overall, No. 21 wide receiver, No. 4 in Maryland (Class of 2009)

9. New York Jets

The Pick: Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama
247Composite Ranking: Five-star, No.14 overall, No. 1 CB, No. 1 in Alabama (Class of 2010)
As a prospect: "Dee is just that kid that jumped out at you when you saw him warming up. Great size for his position and just a great athlete. Natural instincts and was physical. That stood out the most. he was electric with the ball in his hands but defensive back is where he excelled." – Tim Watts - BamaOnLine

“I remember the first time I saw Demarcus Milliner and it was at a seven-on-seven tryout at the University of Alabama. It took about two reps of DB drills for me to realize this kid was special. Already you could see the frame was there to grow into but he was incredibly fluid and showed outstanding hips. There was another guy at that same workout that was equally as freakish and stood out among a lot of talented players. His name was Da’Rick Rogers. Milliner is a big reason why I think camps are more important than games in evaluating corners. He could go a whole game and not do much becaue no one would test him but one look at him in drills and you knew he was special.” – Barton Simmons – 247Sports National Recruiting Analyst

10. Tennessee Titans

The Pick: Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama
247Composite Ranking: Three-star, No. 426 overall, No. 26 offensive guard, No. 32 in Georgia (Class of 2009)
As a prospect: "Out of high school I called Chance the sleeper of Alabama's class. Not sure how he wasn't more highly recruited other than he is an interior lineman but his success isn't surprising to me. He showed that potential in high school." – Tim Watts - BamaOnLine

11. San Diego Chargers

The Pick: D.J. Fluker, OT, Alabama
247Composite Ranking: Five-star, No. 28 overall, No. 2 offensive tackle, No. 3 in Alabama (Class of 2009)
As a prospect: “To this day, I’ve never seen a more massive human being than Fluker. There may be guys with measurables that are higher than Fluker’s but there’s something about his presence that is just other-worldly. The Alabama-Mississippi Game was my first opportunity to see Fluker really battle up close and he was dominant. That performance put him in the discussion as the No. 1 player in the country in his class. Another interesting note about Fluker was that much of his recruitment he was projected as a defensive lineman. We always thought he would end up at tackle but it would be interesting to see him at that nose position.” – Barton Simmons – 247Sports National Recruiting Analyst

"You noticed DJ pulling up in the parking lot. He stood out from 200 yards away with his massive size. Been interesting watch him develop the last 7 years and he's made the most of his potential. Was an emotional leader for Alabama this year." – Tim Watts - BamaOnLine

12. Oakland Raiders (Trade from Miami)

The Pick: D.J. Hayden, CB, Houston
247Composite Ranking: Three-star, No. 70 overall JUCO prospect, No. 10 JUCO cornerback (Class of 2011)
As a prospect: The Houston Cougars cornerback was outstanding in the NJCAA National Championship Game against Butler. He has very long arms and was able to defend taller receivers. He had some great breakups on fade routes and did a good job running with receivers down the field. He picked up a ton of offers after that game as all the coaches in attendance were blown away but he stick with his pledge to Houston. - Brian Perroni – 247Sports Recruiting Analyst

13. New York Jets

The Pick: Sheldon Richardson, DT, Missouri
247Composite Ranking: Five-star, No. 30 overall, No. 5 defensive tackle, No. 1 in Missouri (Class of 2009-high school)
As a prospect: “Once again it was an All-American game that gave me my best look at Richardson and it was the army game that gave me my look for Richardson. The biggest thing that jumped out about him was just that athleticism. He could play tackle or end. He had basketball feet and in one-on-ones no one could handle him all week. He was a kid from Missouri so it wasn’t like he had the film against elite competition that others had so when he blew it up at the Army game, all doubt was removed.” – Barton Simmons – 247Sports National Recruiting Analyst

14. Carolina Panthers

The Pick: Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah
247Composite Ranking: Three-star, No. 33 overall JUCO prospect, No. 8 defensive tackle (Class of 2010)

15. New Orleans Saints

The Pick: Kenny Vaccaro, safety, Texas
247Composite Ranking: Four-star, No. 222 overall, No. 20 safety, No. 27 in Texas (Class of 2009)
As a prospect: “I’ll never forget the first time I watched Kenny Vaccaro’s film. He was a little bit underrated, not as heavily hyped as some other guys in the state of Texas that year but his film was unreal. The best headhunter in his class that year, no regard for his body and was moving at a different speed than everyone else. As a former safety myself, watching Vaccaro’s film was pure enjoyment. I took a backseat approach in his ranking and certainly wish I had pushed for him to go higher.” – Barton Simmons – 247Sports National Recruiting Analyst

“An undersized safety, Vaccaro was also a bit of a question mark as some off-the-field issues caused him to transfer prior to his senior year. He did show very, very good coverage ability at the time though and that is the reason he was picked so high.” - Brian Perroni – 247Sports Recruiting Analyst

16. Buffalo Bills (Trade from St. Louis)

The Pick: EJ Manuel, QB, Florida State
247Composite Ranking: Five-star, No. 27 overall, No. 2 dual-threat quarterback, No. 1 in Virginia (Class of 2008)
As a prospect: “I thought E.J. Manuel had as much upside as any single prospect in the 2008 class. I don't think he ever reached it at FSU, but obviously the NFL guys see some of the same things." – JC Shurburtt – 247Sports Director of Recruiting

17. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pick: Jarvis Jones OLB, Georgia
247Composite Ranking: Four-star, No. 49 overall, No. 4 outside linebacker, No. 3 in Georgia (Class of 2009)

18. San Francisco 49ers (Trade from Dallas)

The Pick: Eric Reid, safety, LSU
247Composite Ranking: Four-star, No. 55 overall, No. 6 safety, No. 2 in Louisiana (Class of 2010)
As a prospect: “Many felt that Reid would grow into a linebacker once he made it to LSU, but the standout safety proved them wrong. He was known for being a big hitter in high school and having excellent range at free safety. He displayed those same traits at LSU, and they should take him far at this level.” – Sonny Shipp – Geaux247

19. New York Giants

The Pick: Justin Pugh, OG, Syracuse
247Composite Ranking: Two-star (Class of 2009)
As a prospect: “Though Pugh never played a down for Greg Robinson, it was his staff and his evaluation that benefited the Syracuse program in landing Pugh. There isn’t any reason why he should have been a lightly recruited two-star. Playing big-school football in Pennsylvania outside of Philadelphia, Pugh was an all-conference two-way lineman who was his team’s MVP on the defensive side of the ball. After signing with Syracuse over limited options, Pugh redshirted his freshman year and became a starter throughout the rest of his career.” – Barton Simmons – 247Sports National Recruiting Analyst

20. Chicago Bears

The Pick: Kyle Long, OG, Oregon
247Composite Ranking: Four-star, No. 10 overall JUCO prospect, No. 1 JUCO offensive tackle (Class of 2012)
As a prospect: "When Kyle Long was a high school recruit, we felt like he was one of the top 10 prospects in the country. Though we did project him as an offensive tackle, you could not ignore his bloodlines (his dad and brother were both first-rounders) and the skill set he had. When he decided to go play baseball at Florida State and seemingly was giving up on football, obviously that lowered his projection ceiling. But, he rebounded nicely in junior college and once he re-emerged on the recruiting scene, I had multiple college coaches tell me off the record that they felt he was elite." – JC Shurburtt – 247Sports Director of Recruiting

21. Cincinnati Bengals

The Pick: Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame
247Composite Ranking: Three-star, No. 523 overall, No. 20 tight end, No. 6 in Indiana (Class of 2009)
As a prospect: “Tyler Eifert was an under-recruited jack-of-all trades player at Fort Wayne (Ind.) Bishop Dwenger. He made an impact on both sides of the ball at the receiver/tight end position and also played safety and linebacker. If Eifert wouldn't have camped at Notre Dame the summer before his senior season, he most likely would've ended up at Purdue where his father Greg played basketball. The Irish already had a tight end commit from Jake Golic and were likely done recruiting the position. Eifert came to camp and tore it up. Charlie Weis had to offer him a scholarship after his performance. It didn't take Eifert long to jump on the opportunity.” – Steve Wiltfong – 247Sports National Reporter

22. Atlanta Falcons (Trade from St. Louis)

The Pick: Desmond Trufant, CB, Washington
247Composite Ranking: Three-star (Class of 2009)

23. Minnesota Vikings

The Pick: Sharrif Floyd, DT, Florida
247Composite Ranking: Five-star, No. 6 overall, No. 2 strongside defensive end, No. 1 in state of Pennsylvania (Class of 2010)
As a prospect: "I knew Sharrif Floyd was pretty special when I watched him work on at George Washington High School in the spring before his senior year. Here's a kid that is legitmately 6-foot-4 and 300 pounds jump-roping, lifting weights and doing box jumps like it's absolutely nothing. Then as his senior season moved along, he was dominant on the field. I also had the chance to meet Floyd and several in his inner circle and you always knew that despite a less than ideal family background, he knew what it took to be successful and would be so. There's a reason we ranked him as the No. 3 overall prospect in the 2010 class and I personally felt like he was a more valuable prospect than Ronald Powell, just not as high of a ceiling in terms of his physical gifts." – JC Shurburtt – 247Sports Director of Recruiting

“Floyd was one of those guys that went to all kinds of camps and competed every chance he got. He also dominated every chance he got. He was a big, quick, physical kid but man was he competitive. He would jaw a little bit and liked to talk but it wasn’t as if he was just making a show for the sake of it, he just loved to compete. Floyd was the classic five-star that panned out. All kinds of pub, all kinds of hype, all the offers, went to a lot of events and then he did it on the next level.” – Barton Simmons – 247Sports National Recruiting Analyst

24. Indianapolis Colts

The Pick: Bjoern Werner, DE, Florida State
247Composite Ranking: Four-star, No. 329 overall, No. 20 outside strongside defensive end, No. 4 in Connecticut (Class of 2010)

25. Minnesota Vikings

The Pick: Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida State
247Composite Ranking: Three-star, No. 576 overall, No. 70 wide receiver, No. 79 in Florida (Class of 2009)
As a prospect: “Coming out of high school, many thought Rhodes future was on the offensive side of the ball. He was a tall, athletic wide receiver who was a good blocker on the outside but could also make his way down the field and get open. That obviously all changed at Florida State where they opted to put him on defense, due in large part to his combination of size and athleticism. I think it would be fair to say he exceeded the expectations of those that watched him as a high school prospect.” – Chris Nee – Noles247

26. Green Bay Packers

The Pick: Datone Jones, DE, UCLA
247Composite Ranking: Four- star, No. 186 overall, No. 12 strongside defensive end, No. 24 in California (Class of 2008)
As a prospect: "I saw Datone Jones when he was in high school and admittedly did not project him to go as high as he did or to be as successful as he was/is. I didn't think he had the plus athleticism to be an elite defensive end and was not sure he could get big enough to be a great defensive tackle. Wish I had that one to do over again, because he's a heck of a player and should be an excellent pro." – JC Shurburtt – 247Sports Director of Recruiting

27. Houston Texans

The Pick: DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Clemson
247Composite Ranking: Four-star, No. 189 overall, No. 24 wide receiver, No. 9 in South Carolina (Class of 2010)
As a prospect: "Deandre Hopkins is just a special player, period. And he always has been. People forget that in high school this is a guy that had more than 20 interceptions as a defender. He was listed as an athlete by many back then, and if you look at his high school highlights many are of him in the secondary. Maybe we should have seen his success on offense coming, because in those highlight packages he displayed exceptional ball skills and was terrific once he had the ball in his hands. Hopkins had a great frame with nice length. He just needed to fill out, and he did." – Keith Niebuhr – 247Sports National Recruiting Analyst

28. Denver Broncos

The Pick: Sylvester Williams, DT, North Carolina
247Composite Ranking: Four-star, No. 12 overall JUCO prospect, No. 5 JUCO DT (Class of 2011)

29. Minnesota Vikings (Trade from New England)

The Pick: Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee
247Composite Ranking: Four-star, No. 1 overall JUCO prospect, No. 1 JUCO wide receiver (Class of 2012)
As a prospect: "The first time I saw Cordarrelle Patterson was in the South Carolina Class 4A championship game in 2008 when his Northwestern team played against South Pointe High, which featured Buffalo Bills cornerback Stephon Gilmore, South Carolina defensive back Devonte Holloman and current South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney as a sophomore. The quarterback for Northwestern was current Vol Justin Worley, who was then a sophomore. The interesting thing about that game was that Patterson actually caught everything that was thrown his way and had a knack for making the tough catch in traffic. Of course, now, he's better known for his breakaway speed and ability in the return game and open field. We remembered what he could do from high school, so when the speed numbers and film came out from junior college, we felt like his ranking as the top overall JUCO in the class was appropriate." – JC Shurburtt – 247Sports Director of Recruiting

“I had a chance to see the nation's top junior college player in person in a Jayhawk Conference game. He struggled a bit with his hands that game but, as a big receiver, he had incredible change of direction and was an outstanding return man, especially for his size. He wasn't a polished route runner at all though.” - Brian Perroni – 247Sports Recruiting Analyst

30. St. Louis Rams (Trade from Atlanta)

The Pick: Alec Ogletree, LB, Georgia
247Composite Ranking: Five-star, No. 28 overall, No. 1 inside linebacker, No. 2 in Georgia (Class of 2010)
As a prospect: "I thought Alec Ogletree was an excellent blend of size and athleticism coming out of high school. I saw him multiple times in camps and game/practice settings and each time he impressed me - at safety. I think the thought always was that he would eventually be a very athletic outside linebacker and if you notice during his career at UGA, once he bought into playing that position he was one of the best players not only in the Southeastern Conference, but the country." – JC Shurburtt – 247Sports Director of Recruiting

31. Dallas Cowboys (Trade from San Francisco)

The Pick: Travis Frederick, OC, Wisconsin
247Composite Ranking: Four-star, No. 897 overall, No. 11 center, No. 6 in Wisconsin (Class of 2009)

32. Baltimore Ravens

The Pick: Matt Elam, S, Florida
247Composite Ranking: Five-star, No. 15 overall, No. 2 safety, No. 2 in Florida (Class of 2010)
As a prospect: “Elam was one of the best prospects in the Sunshine State in his class coming out of Dwyer. He was a strong, compact safety with impressive athleticism. He had the ability to cover the pass in the air or separate the ball from the receiver upon the reception being made. His career at Florida and subsequent draft status isn’t a shock after watching him during his high school days.” – Chris Nee – Noles247

"Matt Elam combines physicality, speed, suddenness, ball skills, playmaking and instincts so well. He's a complete player at the safety position, with the versatility to play safety and cover in the slot as a nickel. Each time I saw him, his physicality, ability to play the run and strike for his size really impressed. He has a knack for making big plays, in both the passing and run game.” – Gerry Hamilton – 247Sports National Director of Scouting


First round by the numbers


SEC – 12
ACC – 6
Pac-12 – 5
Big 12 – 2
Big East – 2
Ind. – 2
Big Ten – 1
C-USA – 1
MAC – 1


4 – Texas
3 – Georgia
2 – Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Missouri, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia
1 – Arizona, California, Connecticut, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, Outside U.S. (Ghana)


OT – 4
OG – 4
LB – 4
CB – 4
DT – 4
DE – 3
WR – 3
S – 3
OC - 1
QB – 1
TE - 1


5 stars – 7
4 stars – 14
3 stars – 7
2 stars or unrated - 4

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