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Recruit Diary: Lorenzo Carter

Meet Lorenzo Carter, a standout defensive end at Norcross (Ga.). The 6-feet-5, 232-pound junior is among the most coveted recruits in the 2014 class. All told, he claims more than two dozen offers and more are likely on the way.

Lorenzo Carter said his mom did most of the question-asking during his recent trip to Alabama.

Carter is the No. 3 overall prospect in the 247Composite rankings.

This is the second edition of his player diary, which will run about twice a month until National Signing Day 2014. This week, Carter talks about his recent trip to Tuscaloosa and a death in the family.

By Lorenzo Carter

Since the last time we talked, I made a visit to Alabama.

It was a few weekends ago and it went real good. They really wanted to get me up there again, and one of the main reasons I went was because my parents hadn't been there yet. I think they had a good time, too. They got to talk to Coach [Nick] Saban a lot, so that was good.

To be honest, my mom talked to him the most.

It was her asking questions mostly, while me and my dad just sat there. She wanted to know about the recent incident with the players that got arrested. She brought that up. A lot of her co-workers love Georgia. You know Georgia fans were going to say stuff about Alabama. Anyway, Coach Saban let her know they really work with their players on growing up and being men. He said they try to develop you not just as a player, but as a person. I think she was satisfied with his answer.

Then, for some reason she was trying to talk about defense. I still haven't fully explained to my mom the difference between the 4-3 defense and the 3-4. So she was asking about that, which was kind of funny. Coach Saban seemed pretty cool with it, though. People say the 3-4 defense will hurt you in the long run. But he said they're actually wrong because a lot of NFL teams play the 3-4.

Alabama and Georgia are locks to make Carter's top five.

They'd have me play the Jack linebacker at Alabama. I like that and it fits me. I played linebacker as a 10th-grader. I like coming off the edge as a rush standout, having to go head up against some 6-feet-6 corn fed offensive tackle.

I definitely like Alabama. They'll definitely be in my top five with Georgia when I put that out.

Right now, I'd say Alabama and Georgia are probably recruiting me the hardest. But I get a bunch of letters from Ohio State. Over the weekend, my mom called and said I got 20 handwritten letters from LSU. They still haven't offered yet, though.

This past weekend, I didn't visit any schools. I had to go to Memphis. My dad's aunt passed away. She was pretty old. She was in her 80s I think.

I went over to her house when I was younger, and I visited her from time to time. The funeral was Saturday. It was actually pretty tough. My dad was close to her. Everybody called her 'Big Momma." My dad was pretty shook up. He had to read the scripture and he did a good job. He held in tough. We've talked about it, and I think he is handling it pretty good. When his mom passed away, I was still pretty young.

This was a good time to be with family. There were a lot of us there. Pretty much everybody that could make it made it. I'd say there were about 20 people from Atlanta. Then we had all the family that lives in Memphis, too.

I got a chance to see some cousins I haven't seen since I was about 12. I'm definitely the biggest. A lot of my family is just starting to realize I'm a football player now. I grew up playing basketball, and they were saying they didn't know what I'm going to play so I let them know. A few of them were like, "So, you're the Lorenzo I keep seeing on the Internet."

You have to be careful about the people you get close with. If you have good family, then you're going to always have people you can rely on. I'm glad how our family is. It's a good family.

Carter will compete in the Atlanta Nike Camp later this month.

It's funny, though … I've got one uncle who's going to be my wardrobe manager, he said. I've got another uncle who's going to be my driver.

I just finished up basketball [with a state title], and I'm running track now. I'm doing the 100 [meters), 200, 4x100 and the shot put. I just won the shot in an event. I threw it 43 feet. I still haven't run the 100 in a meet yet. I ran a 22.97 in the 200, though. That was so bad. It was snowing and I didn't even stretch.

Not this weekend, but next weekend I was going to take another visit. It was a toss-up between Florida State, Clemson, South Carolina or Auburn. I was going to have to sit down and pick one. Now, though, I'm going to compete in the Atlanta Nike Football Training Camp that weekend instead. I've got to go so I can hopefully get invited to The Opening this summer.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'll talk to you again after the Nike Camp.


CLASS -- 2014

SCHOOL -- Norcross (Ga.)

HEIGHT -- 6-5
WEIGHT -- 232

POSITION -- Weak-side defensive end

247 -- No. 3 overall, No. 1 WDE

247COMPOSITE -- No. 3 overall, No. 1 WDE

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