Recruit Diary: Lorenzo Carter

Meet, Lorenzo Carter, a standout defensive end at Norcross (Ga.). The 6-feet-6, 232-pound junior is among the most coveted recruits in the 2014 class.

Lorenzo Carter has yet to narrow down his list of schools.

He is the No. 5 overall prospect in the 247Sports rankings.

Carter is producing a twice-a-month diary for 247Sports, and in this installment he talks about LSU coach Les Miles, why he likes doing interviews and prom.

By Lorenzo Carter

People always ask me if I've started to narrow down my list of schools. I was talking to my best friend Raven and she asked what my top five was, and I was like, "I don't have a top five." After we talked about it some more, I think I came up with a top 20. So obviously, I'm not anywhere close to picking a school.

Some of my friends think Alabama and Georgia are my favorites. But I always tell them I don't know why they think that. ITT Tech could come in here and sweep me off my feet.

I'll start cutting it down as schools start to come by. I'll get a chance to see how much the coaches care and really want me.

One school has been coming up lately. I've been talking to LSU a lot. I think LSU is probably going to be up there. They just want me, and feel like I can fit into the program. And they think they can show me how to take it to the next level. So I'm going to give them a lot of attention.

I've talked to [Tigers coach] Les Miles a few times.

LSU coach Les Miles has the Tigers making a move.

So far, he probably is the coolest coach. He's just real.

I was telling him about how this girl I hang out with called me one night when I was sleeping. She wanted to get food, but I was really mad she woke me up.

When I told him about that, he started talking to me about how when he was in college there was this cute girl in his class. She called him at like 1 a.m., and he blew up at her because she woke him up. He was sorry and he had to apologize to her the next day. I guess he really liked the girl, but he had been sleeping. I understand how he felt though. SLEEP OVER EVERYTHING.

As he was telling this story, I was laughing. He's a pretty funny guy.

Right now, a lot of colleges have been coming by the school.

At first, they weren't coming. I was like, "Do they not like me?" But then it blew up. At first, though, it was just Florida State, Georgia Tech and Texas.

Now, it's crazy. We've had like four coaches in the office at once. Those guys travel a lot. The coach from Vanderbilt said he wouldn't sit down because he knew he had to get right back in the car.

It's a tough job. I'm not the one that has to do all the hard work. I've just got to pick a school.

Carter and his girlfriend, Joi, on prom night.

For the most part, they just talk to my coach about other players. It's not just me at Norcross. We've got a bunch of major Division-I players. The better myself, Myles Autry and Kevin Mouhon play the more players will get on the radar if coaches come see us. If our teammates have big games, it's a chance for them to show what they have.

It's not about me. I've already got mine. I'm trying to make sure my teammates get a chance.

My coach is doing all the work right now. But once the coaches start calling us, it's going to be on us. When that happens, I'm going to sit down with my coach and come up with a time when people can call so I can still get all my school work done because I'm still a student first.

Besides talking to coaches, I do a lot of interviews. I probably do about 12 on the phone a week. And I probably get about 25 text messages from reporters every week.

It's definitely going to get worse once we get further along, but right now it's not bad.

I don't mind them because that's like my ESPN. It's cool that people care. If people didn't care, I wouldn't be interviewed. It's fun that people want to know my opinion about stuff.

Outside of sports, I went to prom last weekend! My girlfriend, Joi, picked the hardest color for me to match but I think I did a pretty good job. It was awkward on the dance floor, though, because I was looking clean over everybody's head. I still had a great time.

Anyway, that's it for now …. Talk to you again in a few weeks.

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