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Who can be 2013's Notre Dame?

Dynamic freshman back Duke Johnson is one of three key skill players returning to Miami's offense.

Brian Kelly was trying to explain the transformation, delicately dissecting the whys and hows of winning and losing at Notre Dame when finally, he laid it out with simplicity.

“Look, there’s a fine line between a five-loss team and an unbeaten team,” Kelly said. “There isn’t much of a tangible difference between the 2011 and 2012 teams.”

Except this: one lost five games, the other went unbeaten and played for the national championship.

That fine line, coaches say year after year, is more razor thin than one can imagine. In the 15 years of the BCS, five teams followed a four-loss (or more) season with a national championship season.

Here are the top five-loss teams in 2012 that could play for next season's national championship:

Link: Who can be 2013's Notre Dame?

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