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  • Offense Bests Defense

    Offense Bests Defense

    The Longhorns scrimmaged Saturday and Horns247 checked in with various sources to get news and notes on what went down earlier today. More

  • Early Spring Returns

    Early Spring Returns

    AUSTIN, Texas – Horns247 takes a position-by-position look at where the Texas Longhorns through four spring practices under Charlie Strong. More

  • A Better Program

    A Better Program

    In landing commitments from Deshon Elliott and Toby Weathersby this week, the Texas Longhorns improved. That improvement is more than just adding two talented prospects. More

  • Spring Position Battles

    Spring Position Battles

    AUSTIN, Texas – From guys who slug it out in the trenches to those who are counted on to only kick a football, there are some key position battles this spring at Texas. More

  • Secondary Shuffling

    Secondary Shuffling

    Duane Akina is gone and Quandre Diggs in the only proven commodity. That should make for an interesting spring for the Texas secondary. More

  • Not Messing Around

    Not Messing Around

    The dismissals of Chet Moss and Leroy Scott on Sunday means one thing. It means that Charlie Strong isn't at Texas to mess around and play games. More

  • In Good Hands

    In Good Hands

    AUSTIN, Texas – It's not an easy thing to get a senior to buy into a regime change. In that sense, consider what Chris Vaughn has done with Quandre Diggs a job well done. More

  • Who Could Move?

    Who Could Move?

    I'm not a member of the Texas coaching staff. But if I was, I'd think long and hard about making a few position changes to help fill out the depth chart. More

  • A Versatile Threat

    A Versatile Threat

    Our series of the most important recruits in the Longhorns' 2014 recruiting class continues with a look at one of the most versatile defensive players in the class. More

  • Best Yet to Come?

    Best Yet to Come?

    Jason Hall turned out to be a productive player at the high school level. If he comes close to hitting his ceiling the Texas Longhorns will see him only get better. More

  • The 2-4-7

    The 2-4-7

    A culture change is coming to Texas under Charlie Strong. And after another disappointing season of football, the Longhorn program needs one. More

  • Future of the Program

    Future of the Program

    There were several members of the 2013 recruiting class who didn't play much this season. After checking with sources, we've got an update on the future of the program. More

  • Searching For Impact

    Searching For Impact

    Even at a place like Texas where recruits are plentiful, talent pools dry up. We've identified a few positions where the Longhorns need to land some impact recruits soon. More

  • Tracking The Freshmen

    Tracking The Freshmen

    How are the freshmen in the 2013 recruiting class doing in their first semester on campus? Horns247 has the latest on their progress this season. More

  • Inside the Team

    Inside the Team

    Horns247 has plenty of news and notes as the Texas Longhorns suited up for a pair of practices on Tuesday. Head inside to see who is rising, get number changes and more. More

  • Inside Camp: The Next Phase

    Inside Camp: The Next Phase

    The Texas offense is a work in progress, but Major Applewhite is excited about where group is headed. It's on to the next phase in camp for the Longhorn attack. More

  • Last Look at One-on-Ones

    Last Look at One-on-Ones

    During the last open practice of the fall for the Texas Longhorns on Saturday night, we figured why stop charting one-on-ones? We didn't and we've got the full breakdown here. More

  • Practice Report: Final Open Workout

    Practice Report: Final Open Workout

    Saturday night under the lights at Frank Denius Fields the Texas Longhorns held their final open practice of fall camp. Horns247 was there one more time to catch the action. More

  • One-on-One Breakdowns

    One-on-One Breakdowns

    Another practice for the Texas Longhorns, another day where the Horns247 staff is charting one-on-one drills. See which players shined on Friday. More

  • Practice Report: Practice No. 5

    Practice Report: Practice No. 5

    Friday's practice, which was the first in full pads for the Texas Longhorns, saw some players shine. In case you missed it, Horns247 was there following the action. More

  • Charting the One-on-Ones

    Charting the One-on-Ones

    At Thursday's practice we once again kept track of the one-on-ones between the wide receivers and defensive backs, and also the offensive line against the defensive line. More

  • Inside Practice No. 4

    Inside Practice No. 4

    Horns247 was once again out at Frank Denius Fields to watch the Texas Longhorns practice. Several players stood out under the lights with the fans watching. More

  • Inside Camp: Offense Grinding

    Inside Camp: Offense Grinding

    No Desmond Harrison. No Mike Davis. No Jaxon Shipley. None of it matters as the Texas offense has to move forward during camp with some pieces missing. More

  • A Closer Look: WR-DB 1-on-1 Drills

    A Closer Look: WR-DB 1-on-1 Drills

    Horns247 charted the one-on-ones between the receivers and defensive backs for the second straight day and breaks it down by each quarterback throwing. More

  • Practice Report: Day Three

    Practice Report: Day Three

    Today marked the third fall practice from the Longhorns and Horns247 was on hand to catch all the action. Here's the latest news and notes on those who stood out. More

  • Scouting the Newcomers

    Scouting the Newcomers

    After watching two practices there's a lot to take away from the Texas Longhorns' 15-man signing class. Horns247 has been there and gives this breakdown on the newcomers. More

  • Positive Developments

    Positive Developments

    We're two days in and here are a few players where we've seen some real positive developments since spring, or they're better than we thought coming out of high school. More

  • Day Two Observations

    Day Two Observations

    Horns247 was once again at the Frank Denius Fields for the Texas Longhorns second workout of fall camp. Once again, there was a lot to observe. More

  • Practice Report: Day Two

    Practice Report: Day Two

    Tuesday was the Longhorns second practice of the fall and once again Horns247 was on hand for it. Here is a detailed report of nearly everything we saw on the day. More

  • First Look: Defense

    First Look: Defense

    Will the Texas defense be better in 2013? The answer to that broad question started to come together in its infancy during Monday's opening workout of camp. More

  • First Look: Offense

    First Look: Offense

    The Texas Longhorns held their first practice of the 2013 season on Monday. Horns247 was there and had several takeaway from the offensive side of the ball. More

  • First Impressions

    First Impressions

    The first practice of the fall is now in the books for the Longhorns and Horns247 has a loaded practice report you won't want to miss with more coming on the way. More

  • 'We've got to shut up and do it'

    'We've got to shut up and do it'

    Mack Brown made one thing clear at the end of his press conference on reporting day. The 2013 is a put up or shut up type of campaign for the Texas Longhorns. More

  • The 2-4-7

    The 2-4-7

    Reporting day is here. This edition of The 2-4-7 is dedicated to reporting and gives you some final things to ponder with fall camp set to get underway on Monday. More

  • Keys to Success

    Keys to Success

    There are a few players on the Texas roster whose development could hold the keys to success for the Longhorns in 2013. This special edition of The Daily 5 lists five of them. More

  • Next in Line at DBU?

    Next in Line at DBU?

    In terms of pure talent and tools there's probably not a better non-lineman the Longhorns signed in February than Antwuan Davis. The Bastrop native brings a lot to the table. More

  • Newcomer Hot Sheet

    Newcomer Hot Sheet

    What are the jersey numbers of the incoming freshmen and JUCO transfers? What positions will they be playing? What are their strengths and weaknesses? We break it all down. More

  • Inside the Team

    Inside the Team

    How many of the true freshmen will play? How has Tyrone Swoopes done this summer? Who is leading at MLB? All of that and more as we go Inside the Team. More

  • Mr. Versatility

    Mr. Versatility

    There's a lot Chevoski Collins can do on a football field. The big question is where will he get the job done when his career begins on the 40 Acres? More

  • The 2-4-7: Camp Edition

    The 2-4-7: Camp Edition

    I'm not going to waste any time beating around the bush. This edition of The 2-4-7 is all about the Longhorns' football camps. More

  • Is the Future Now?

    Is the Future Now?

    Bryson Echols and Kennedy Estelle will only be in their second year in the program come August. That said, the time might be now for both to show their potential as players. More

  • Best in Show

    Best in Show

    Several current Texas players attended Sunday's one-day mini-camp in Austin. This edition of The Daily 5 looks at which of the current Longhorns stood out the most physically. More

  • The Next Class at 'DBU'

    The Next Class at 'DBU'

    Duane Akina has helped Texas earn the nickname 'DBU' for the amount of defensive backs it sends to the NFL. On Wednesday, the Horns added their newest members to the class. More

  • Notes on the Class

    Notes on the Class

    So what should we make of the 15 newest Longhorns? There are positives, negatives and general observations worth pointing out on the day they made it official. More

  • Texas Inks 15

    Texas Inks 15

    Texas already has all 15 of its expected letters of intent in its football offices. The 2013 class may be small, but there's lots of talent from top to bottom. More

  • How the 2013 Class Came Together

    How the 2013 Class Came Together

    It's been a long road for the Longhorns in the 2013 recruiting cycle. With the finish line finally here, it's time to look back and see how this class came together. More

  • Signing Day Central

    Signing Day Central

    It's finally here. Signing Day 2013. Follow along here as Texas collects the letters of intent for its 2013 recruiting class and see how the class stacks up nation wide. More

  • Recruiting Scuttlebutt

    Recruiting Scuttlebutt

    A lot has happened in the last 36 hours for the Longhorns on the recruiting trail. Go inside to get the latest on Texas' biggest targets, some surprise visitors and more. More

  • Lone Star State Breakdown

    Lone Star State Breakdown

    Who are the biggest threats to Texas on the Lone Star State recruiting trail? A&M is obvious, but the Aggies only scratch the surface of the competing programs. More

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