The Pens will try to win the Stanley Cup for the third time in four years next season. (Photo: Getty)

Last season, the Pittsburgh Penguins were unable to become the first 35 years to win the Stanley Cup for a third consecutive year. The Penguins saw their 2017-18 season end in the second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs to the eventual champions, the Washington Capitals. But the Pens can still became the first team since the late '80s, early '90s Edmonton Oilers to win the Stanley Cup three times in a four-year span.

Below is the team's newly released schedule for the upcoming season:

Home Games

10-4 Capitals (7 PM)
10-6 Canadiens (7PM)
10-11 Golden Knights (7PM)
10-16 Canucks (7PM)
10-30 Islanders (7PM)
11-3 Maple Leafs (7PM)
11-5 Devils (7PM)
11-10 Coyotes (7PM)
11-15 Lightning (7PM)
11-19 Sabres (7PM)
11-21 Stars (7PM)
11-24 Blue Jackets (7PM)
12-1 Flyers (7PM)
12-4 Avalanche (7PM)
12-6 Islanders (7PM)
12-14 Bruins (7PM)
12-15 Kings (7PM)
12-17 Ducks (7PM)
12-20 Wild (7PM)
12-27 Red Wings (7PM)
1-4 Jets (7PM)
1-6 Blackhawks (7PM)
1-8 Panthers (7PM)
1-28 Devils (7PM)
1-30 Lighting (8PM)
2-1 Senators (7PM)
2-5 Hurricanes (7PM)
2-13 Oilers (8PM)
2-16 Flames (1PM)
2-17 Rangers (12:30)
2-21 Sharks (7PM)
3-5 Panthers (7PM)
3-7 Blue Jackets (7PM)
3-10 Bruins (7:30PM)
3-12 Capitals (7PM)
3-16 Blues (1PM)
3-17 Flyers (7:30 PM)
3-29 Predators (7PM)
3-31 Hurricanes (5PM)
4-4 Red Wings (7PM)
4-6 Rangers (7PM)

Away Games

10-13 Canadiens (7PM)
10-18 Maple Leafs (7PM)
10-23 Oilers (9PM)
10-25 Flames (9PM)
10-27 Canucks (10PM)
11-1 Islanders (7PM)
11-7 Capitals (7:30PM)
11-13 Devils (7PM)
11-17 Senators (7PM)
11-23 Bruins (7:30PM)
11-27 Jets (8PM)
11-28 Avalanche (9:30)
12-8 Senators (7PM)
12-10 Islanders (7PM)
12-12 Blackhawks (8PM)
12-19 Capitals (8PM)
12-22 Hurricanes (7PM)
12-29 Blues (8PM)
12-31 Wild (6PM)
1-2 Rangers (7PM)
1-11 Ducks (10PM)
1-12 Kings (10:30 PM)
1-15 Sharks (10PM)
1-18 Coyotes (9PM)
1-19 Golden Knights (10PM)
2-2 Maple Leafs (7PM)
2-7 Panthers (7PM)
2-9 Lightning (7PM)
2-11 Flyers (7PM)
2-19 Devils (7PM)
2-23 Flyers (8PM)
2-26 Blue Jackets (7PM)
3-1 Sabers (7PM)
3-2 Canadiens (7PM)
3-9 Blue Jackets 7PM)
3-14 Sabres (7PM)
3-19 Hurricanes (7PM)
3-21 Predators (8PM)
3-23 Stars (8PM)
3-25 Rangers (7PM)
4-2 Red Wings (7:30PM)

The Penguins will start the season against the rival Capitals at home on Thursday, October 4. A week later, Pittsburgh will host the defending Western Conference champions Golden Knights and former Penguins' goalie, Marc-Andre Fleury. Pittsburgh will cap of the home portion of their regular season schedule Saturday, April 6 against the Rangers.

While the Penguins were unable to get back to the Stanley Cup Final in '18, the team's championship window with future Hall of Famers Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby is far but closed. Both players are in their early 30s and are armed with a strong supporting cast that includes 23-year-old goaltender Matt Murray, 30-year-old winger Phil Kessel and 23-year-old forward Jake Guentzel. While they have some holes to address (primarily on the defensive end), the Penguins should once again be in the Stanley Cup mix when the 2019 playoffs begin.

"Sometimes we learn more from failures than successes," Pens' coach Mike Sullivan said after Pittsburgh's season-ending loss to the Capitals. "We haven't tasted this in a long time. That's a credit to our players. I couldn't be more proud of them as their coach. Obviously, we're disappointed. We have to digest it so we can be ready for next season."