Gokuism? A religion based off of a cartoon?

Gokuism? A religion based off of a cartoon?

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  • Like all other religions, it was created by people. coffee

  • I was sold once it promised to raise my power level over 9,000.

  • Sounds just as valid as the rest of the religions out there.

  • I always wanted to visit a Jedi church dressed as Vader...

    ...and beat the shit out of them.

  • Haha!

  • Jesus: Dies once to save humanity; guilt trips you about it forever
    Goku: Dies twice to save humanity; isn't a little bitch about it.

    I know who I'm worshiping.

  • Yeah...... Good luck with that.

  • I know it's risky. If Goku isn't real, the Flying Spaghetti Monster is going to seriously mess me up. After all, he boiled for our sins.

  • Is that the cousin to powdered toast man?

  • As arbitrary as any other religion. Just religions started during people's lifetimes sound shady. In a hundred years people will not admit a scifi writer made up Scientology, they will just act like its the Truth.

  • Now this I can agree with.

  • Touched by his noodley appendage...

  • You mean EXACTLY like Mormons now?

  • Underrated Post!

  • lol