Music Thread

Music Thread

  • I just hope this is not a re-post. Might be my favorite from their self-titled EP.

  • Who cares if it is a repost. Love Fleet Foxes. Have you heard the new acoustic single Robin released?

  • Agree on Teen Dream as well. Zebra and Norway are good songs.

  • Everytime I Die's new video

  • No not yet. I searched for it, but every article just links to his Soundcloud and it seems like that has been taken down.

  • I know there was some APC posted within the last couple of days and I'm not sure if this was one of them, but I've literally listened to it 10 times (or more) today.

  • I've been digging on Pink Floyd's The Final Cut recently. It's a lot different then their other albums, and it's obviously driven more heavily by Waters. Anyone else have thoughts on the album or PF in general?

  • I have never sat down and listened to that entire album, will have to some day.

    Side question on PF... do any of you have the newly released re-masters? Do they sound any better than any of the other releases?

  • It's a really interesting album, sometimes when I listen to it I feel as though if I wasn't sure who I was listening to I might not guess it's them...

    As for the remasters, I haven't picked any of them up yet, but I'll probably get Animals in the next month or two when I have some money to blow on music. My CD of Animals skips and it's my favorite album so it's pretty much a no-brainer for me, I just have to pull the trigger on it.

  • I like Shabazz Palaces

  • Cover of Pictureplane's Goth Star

  • Some more noise for Friday.

    USA Boy

  • The beginning of this reminds me of the beat to "Tipsy" if you remember that track.

  • Que?

  • Biggie doing a St. Ide's commercial, classic

  • Ice Cube St. Ide's commercial

  • And of course, Snoop and Dre St. Ide's commercial, probably the best

  • Wu Tang st ides commercial

  • This is a classier one

    "Went to the store to get that crooked I shot, I gots ta have it in my body, bring about 2 or 3 cases to the party"

  • Forget it, that last one is easily the best one..... "reach in my pocket, get out my deuce deuce, st. ides!"

  • Sunshine Recorder

  • you are as consistent as it gets on here my friend , +1 for always bringing the great tunes to the board +1

  • Great track

  • Not really a fan of any pop music but damn Avril Lavign is beautiful.

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