So Manti Te'o is gay?

So Manti Te'o is gay?

  • Honestly if you look at everything that went on this is the only logical conclusion unless he is just truly mentally disturbed.

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  • Best troll ever

  • That's the conclusion I came to. The entire Lennay persona was so he could express his feelings for whatever guy was on the other end without the public getting suspicious or the entire Catholic community at ND turning on him.

  • I mean, the guy chose to play his college football at ND when he had offers form other schools. Of course he's a homo. Nobody in their right mind chooses girls who wear hoodies over sun dresses.

  • Would ND cover up his sexuality for their football team's benefit?

  • That is kind of a serious question. How far would ND go to have a decent football team?

  • Plus even at Notre Dame he could've been getting mad tail instead of faking this whole thing for a year and a half.

  • They covered up the rape of their starting LB Prince Shembo. The victim of the rape then proceeded to kill herself. The answer to your question is yes.

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  • That's the other possibility.

  • He's as queer as a rainbow full of wieners

  • I honestly just posted the same thing elsewhere. It makes a LOT of sense. Too bad if that is the case. Sad for him.

  • Nah, why create a twitter? Just text message eachother

  • he makes the designers on queer eye for the straight guy look straight

  • agreed

  • Not even trying to bash the guy and I don't care, but this is the first think both my wife and I said to each other after reading everything.

  • Gay and brought about due to catholic priest molestation.

  • The way I look at it. Gay and hiding the fact...quite common. Masterminding a elaborate publicity scam...quite rare.

  • It makes a lot of sense. Both he and the Tuiascopo guy are from extremely religious families, the twitter account to defer speculation from his teammates, the mysterious "death" once he started gaining popularity.