Who doesn't love a good tailgate? Millions of fans come to stadiums across the country to watch college football every Saturday. Many of those fans, however, are there for the tailgate as much as any play from the line of scrimmage. Insider took its shot at ranking the top 25 tailgates in the country, so any fan looking for a new place to grill should be in luck.

What constitutes a good tailgate? Insider turned to "tailgate master" Scott Backstrom for his take on the best places to eat, drink and be merry across college football. Tailgating comes down to atmosphere, but many factors make up a good time beyond good weather and football.

A good tailgate needs a signature food or a pregame tradition. A well-stocked bar does not hurt either.

While many top tailgates come from the obvious power-five programs, there are just as many sleepers and hidden gems in the pregame food game as there are during the season.

Insider counts down a full 50 tailgates, but we focus on the top-25 and some unexpected teams in the top part of the standings.