Lynn Bruce, the daughter of Earle Bruce and mother of Zach Smith, told Ohio State insider Jeff Snook on Thursday that Courtney Smith, her ex-daughter in law, planned to sabotage Ohio State and coach Urban Meyer by falsifying domestic violence claims against her son.

In a bombshell Facebook post written by Snook, Bruce details various conversations she had with Courtney Smith and says she masterminded a scheme to bring down Zach Smith and Urban Meyer.

The startling info could alter the direction of Ohio State's investigation into Meyer, who is on paid administrative leave. Bruce's story, which includes remarks from the accuser's mother as well, would be a shot to Courtney Smith's credibility if it checks out to investigators.

Bruce doubled down on her claims during Thursday afternoon's radio appearance on 105.7 The Zone. The host asked her a series of detailed questions and she answered them all, even touching on Shelley Meyer's involvement in trying to help Courtney Smith.

In what's become a tangled mess of finger-pointing in Columbus, here's everything Bruce said during Thursday's radio interview: